article writing project Article Writer and translation

article writing project Article Writer and translation

Article Writingprojecti need article writerfor this project. article should be in uk english. article minimum 1100 wordshigh. genre for the article writing may vary and writer has to work as per theinstructions to avoid rejection as these are to be used for marketing. samplesof the previous written articles are also needed. Gradually workflow is going to be increased thankskindly must send writing samples for view.thanks.RequirementsCost 1 usd and 1 usd for 1articlesDeadline time as per instructionshigh quality and copyscape pass along with spin contentRemember: order would be in bunch . Completion time may also varyPricing is 1usd for 1100 words for listicles . Many write-upswould be listicles with images


Bidders typically need to meet various requirements when participating in a bidding process, which can vary depending on the specific project or procurement. Some common requirements may include:1. Registration: Bidders may need to register with the organization or agency overseeing the bidding process to be eligible to participate.2. Financial Stability: Bidders might be required to demonstrate financial stability, such as providing financial statements, to ensure they can meet the financial obligations of the project.3. Experience and Qualifications: Bidders may need to provide evidence of their experience and qualifications relevant to the project, including references or case studies.4. Compliance with Regulations: Bidders must comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and standards related to the project or industry.5. Insurance: Some projects may require bidders to have certain types and levels of insurance coverage.''''

Technical Requirements: Depending on the nature of the project, bidders may need to meet specific technical requirements or certifications.8. Submission Deadlines: Bidders must submit their bids by the specified deadline and in the required format.9. Pricing and Terms: Bidders should provide clear pricing, payment terms, and any other contractual terms as specified in the bidding documents.10. Compliance with Bid Documents: Bidders must thoroughly review and follow all instructions and requirements outlined in the bidding documents.It's essential for bidders to carefully review the bid documents provided by the organization or agency conducting the bidding process to understand the specific requirements for that particular project.

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Article writing


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i've read your job requirements, and i can fulfill it, if you can just provide more information about the topics of these articles.

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