Create 10 Post about vehicles + Link

Create 10 Post about vehicles + Link

Hello I am looking for someone who can create 10 engaging post , between 20 and 50 words, about some nice Vehicles with a link to an image, a video or a website that refer to your post. A knowledge or interest in vehicles is recommended.

Here what need to be done;

1- Go to some vehicles website of your choice. You can find content in specialized
English news websites, Blogs, Forums, manufacturers website and video sharing platform like Youtube and Vimeo ONLY.

2- Search for the vehicles you would like to talk about.

3- Find an interesting, post, articles, video or images of that vehicle. Copy the Url link.

4- Create an engaging post about this vehicle. Enter your content here after row 6;

- Your worker username: So we can give you credit for the line that you add content.
- The vehicles types; Car-Atv-Snowmobile-Watercraft- Motorcycle
- The vehicle: Year, Make , Model , Trim of the vehicle ( When no specific trim is
available, put 'Base' in trim)
- Post Category: News, Appreciation, Finance, Maintenance, Problem, Modification
- Post Title: Between 3 and 10 words
- Post Content: Discuss the vehicle and the link, ask a question, write like you would on a vehicle forum or social network. Between 15-40 words
- Relevant Link: Paste the URL link to the Video/Images/Website that you found. (Only 1 link per post)

5-Repeat step 1 to 5 on a new row with a new vehicle until you are done. Your content will be reviewed for payments.


  • All post must be written in good English. No copy paste content of other website.
  • Only use this excel wep app link to enter your content.
  • Change post category at every row.
  • Change Vehicle at every row.
  • Do not just copy paste vehicules stats in the post content section. Create original engaging content.
  • Vehicle must be between year 2000 -2014
  • Don't use vehicles that are only sold locally, try to use Vehicle that are sold in at least two continents or worldwide.
  • All column must be filled for a post to be validated.

Skills Required

Correct English Vehicle Knowledge


i believe i have the abilities to provide you with quality content according to your requirements. let me know if you are interested and i could send you some samples of my work. thanks!

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