Need Writer for Blog Post . Very easy writing

Need Writer for Blog Post . Very easy writing



Topics: Variety topics. you don't need to be expert in anything to write. Basic english writing skills will be fine...
*** You get idea from google and write in your own style and words. Very simple...

## I want build long term relation who can write post for my blog.
## Price - 5000 words - 10 dollars
##Price - 7500 words - 15 dollars
## Price- 10000 words - 20 dollars
----Very easy to do . You can just search google for topic and write in your own words.
>>>Do not accept just duplicate content or spining content.

–Write in a “bloggy”, friendly, style. You want to make the reader feel like you’re talking to them face to face. Forget about magazine style writing – write the way you speak with your friends.

–Focus on helping the reader. Practical and actionable advice are what our readers like. Give tips and strategies that people can use in their everyday lives.

–Include actual real life examples. If it is something you haven’t personally experienced, then be sure to reference another person or source with a link.


Writing skills.....................................................

Skills Required

wrting article


i'm pacificwriter
i'm a high quality article writer sir. i can work for you on this job sir. and i promise to do the best of my ability to provide you the best content possible.
i want to work with you and build long term relation on writing post for your blog. kindly place your order now and get the best service ever.
thanks in advance

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