You smoke weed and get paid!

You smoke weed and get paid!

1. Own a quality-ish camera, know how to take decent photos
2. You photograph your bud.
3. You smoke it.
4. You write a 300 word smoke review / report
5. ?????
6. Profit


You must know something about cannabis. Dont take 20 pics of the same shit and call it "Ultra mega platimum OG pineapple KUSH". I am an expert in the field and won't be fooled, if you prove you are a legal dispensary patient and are recieving verifyably quality cannabis then massive props!

Photos must be of quality! Must be in focus, I can fix exposure problems, lighting problems, etc to an extent, but an out of focus low quality cell phone camera will not do. If you are curious, toss me a pic and I will tell you if it will work! I will "pretty" it up too.

The smoke report should be well written, I can correct minor mistakes, but if English is a language you do not write fluently in then this might not be for you, unless you can write it in your native language and translate it the best you can, and I will re-write the essence of it.

~300 words, talk about smell of the bud, dry or soft (the cure), flavors, smells, how it made you feel, etc.

Skills Required

smoking writing articles 420 reggae photography macro bud marijuana legalize


i am a professional writer since 2000.would you be interested please fell free to buz me

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