Post deal to Slick Deals

Post deal to Slick Deals

I am looking for someone with an aged (established account on Slick Deals to post a deal from my website asap (today). It requires an established account or you won't be allowed to post the deal.
The better of an account you have (aged....# of times you posted) the better my deal will do, so I would prefer someone that has been active for over a year.
The deal I currently want you to promote is from my own established website (not an amazon deal).
If you do a good job, there may be more jobs in the future.


You must have an established Slick Deals account.
You must post the deal today (asap)

Skills Required

Seo Sem Smm Smo Sme


have a wonderful day.

i will provide you slick deals post for your website and i have 1 year+ old account where i have some deals. i love to do this work with slick deals for your website from my account up to 40+ minimum.


Created 4 years ago in Article Writing

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