Fiction eBooks

Fiction eBooks

I am looking for someone to write 50,000 word ebooks for me. They are going to be under a variety of topics, but mainly: Paranormal, Unhuman, Mystery, Crime. These books should belong to me 100%. I would like to find someone that can write several of these for me a month so you should be QUICK but also be of QUALITY. If you stick with me, in the near future I will be offering higher pay rates and bonuses. I am looking for $100 to $150 per book with rights included in that price.


- 50,000 to 70,000 words
- Some stories I have written or I have a draft for and you need to just run with it and come up with your own ideas
- Don't worry about a title, I can do that!
- No eCover needed. I have that covered.
- If you know HOW to do a table of content - great.
- $100 to $150 per ebook. I know its not a lot. I know! Stop telling me and sending me nasty messages people. But, if you can write good, I can publish these (yes I am publishing these) and I can start to offer you more money later down the line.

Skills Required

writing creativity fiction responsibility spelling grammar vampires ghosts paranormal witches


i am online content writer for 3 years experiences. i have written ebook for my self, so i can write ebook for you. i can write it consists of 50,000 - 70,000 words with good grammar and unique content. fast delivery and trusted people.
if you are interested with my proposal, please contact me soon
i am waiting your respond

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    i been writing for almost 3 years now and i really specialize in writing fictional and philosophical contents and books. it will be greatly valuable to me if you can offer me the job which i will sincerely do my best. i am really familiar with all the formats and all the necessary guidelines. so, try me and i will definitely write

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