Reformat, Edit , and improve my essay.

Reformat, Edit , and improve my essay.

I have written a 5 page essay on why fast food is the cause of obesity. It is pretty poorly written and I need it correctly formatted into APA and the entire overall essay improved. Improved meaning, adding more facts and information where it is needed, editing the wording, creating a correct reference page. This is due 3/16/2015 at 11:59pm CST. Message me during bidding to get started. I will give you more info once we agree on a price.


I want to see a clear improvement in the overall essay. A list of all the big changes would be nice but not 100% necessary. This is an English 102 freshman in college level course please have the knowledge and know what you are doing.

Skills Required

Grammar Speed


dear employer,
i am a graduate and i have done writing for quite long. i can rate myself 8/10 when it comes to the level of my written english. i can guarantee you a well done job on me asap we begin work.
best regards.

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