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I only would refuse a job if I wasn't treated right if they didn't respect me as a human and my work and they didn't offer me a good payment, I would leave, and if they would call me back, I refuse it. In the rest I wou...

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  • 60 5 years ago

    I have been writing online since 2010. I lunched my blogs and websites in 2015. Since then I have devoted in publishing articles on my blogs and websites. In have monetized my blogs and websites through Adsense and coupl...

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    vinaya Level 1
  • 158 5 years ago

    I spent a bunch of money on website projects that some didn't work and now I'm almost broke. I need to pull in about $50/day to cover living costs. Any suggestions? Used to be I could do this with article writin...

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  • 99 5 years ago