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Hello to our wonderful SEOClerk members. We want to take a minute to thank you all for your continued loyalty, especially now and explain about some of our recent changes. . Recently, you may have noticed some unset...

  • Beverly
    Beverly Level X3
  • 131 3 years ago

    Hi, We are very Unhappy about Seoclerk new fee. Now Seoclerk deducted a 30% fee from the seller's account upon completion of the order. When it was clearing. I completed the order before adding the new fee. I lost ...

  • Faysolnihal
    Faysolnihal Level 1
  • 1 3 years ago

    It looks like the Paypal/Visa methods are showing up now on the site and they were working for a few days, but now it says "try again later" when I am trying to complete an order with this payment method, anyone else get...

  • alexluthor85
    alexluthor85 Level 2
  • 7 3 years ago