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It says my order is cleared and, Cleared funds to be moved to Available. How long does this take?

  • ShareCash
    ShareCash Level 1
  • 4 8 years ago

    Hello Friends Can u tell me what is Cleared in my Balance do the Payment comes to my balance or what is Cleared I need help please friends Thank u . Sorry i have no word's to this ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ......

  • sweetshahbaz
    sweetshahbaz Level 1
  • 1 10 years ago

    Hello There, I recently looked at my balance and it showed that I have money in the "Cleared" area but not my "available" area. I wanted to come here to ask how long it will take for those funds to become available to...

  • Drogba
    Drogba Level 1
  • 12 11 years ago

    My money is cleared but not showing balance what is that .how much time it will take.plz tell me in details.thank you

    6 11 years ago

    i just want to what time it take after getting money to move from cleared to moved

  • harrypotter
    harrypotter Level 1
  • 1 11 years ago

    I am a Level 2 Seller. I have completed a gig few days back and got the txn cleared now how much time will it take for the money to go to Available.

  • ultimate
    ultimate Level X5
  • 9 11 years ago

    How much time or when cleared balance is transferred to available balance?

  • reckgroup
    reckgroup Level 1
  • 8 11 years ago

    My money is on cleared status, for how much time it requires to get the money in available for level one. I am new so just asking this question. Any help is appreciated.

  • blogdum
    blogdum Level 1
  • 4 12 years ago

    I wait more that 12 days and my money are still in" Awaiting Clearance" !

  • freeadsinuk
    freeadsinuk Level 1
  • 1 12 years ago

    i have some couple of Cleared amount in my account from past 2 month still its not came to my balance

  • menontech
    menontech Level 1
  • 10 12 years ago

    Right now my service is says cleared, and I'm wondering when will it move to available funds?

  • lolShui
    lolShui Level 1
  • 12 12 years ago

    I have delivered one of my sales to the buyer, but why isn't it saying "Clearing" on the status or "Cleared"? Right now the status is "Delivered" but I don't know what that means. Can someone please explain to me?

  • lolShui
    lolShui Level 1
  • 7 12 years ago

    how much time take the money from cleared to go to available balance?

  • Takfarivas
    Takfarivas Level 1
  • 13 12 years ago

    I dont want to withdraw all my earning i want to just withdraw a small amount to get my level 2

  • bobbolger
    bobbolger Level 1
  • 8 12 years ago

    Hello! An order of mine has been completed and cleared successfully, but the funds do not appear to be available and nor they are in my balance. Is there anything I can do? Thank you in advance ^^

  • Isilwen
    Isilwen Level 1
  • 8 12 years ago

    I was looking at the user levels, and to get to level 2 you have to have "Completed 10 Orders on time". What exactly does this mean? Does the money have to be cleared of the account, or as soon as I complete 10 orders , ...

  • kutzki
    kutzki Level 1
  • 18 12 years ago