Do we get free bumps for bookmarking?

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Do we get free bumps for bookmarking?

Will I earn free bumps if someone has bookmarked my services? And, what other ways can I earn free bumps now, besides getting an order?


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No it's not possible to earn free bumps by bookmarking. You will find all needed details about free bumps here:

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Hello sanfora,
No you will not earn a free bump for bookmarked services. Neither if your service has been bookmarked by someone or if you bookmark another sellers service. With that being said, there are several ways to earn free bumps. For instance, you'll get 1 free bump per day just for logging in to your SEOClerks account. I will list all the things you can do to earn free bumps below, but you can also find this information when you press "bump your service" on any of your service pages.

Earn Free Bumps
Earn one free bump per day for logging in (1 per account and all linked)
Complete an order on time (2 per day)
Generate an affiliate sale for $5 or more (2 per day)
Generate a service sale for $5 or more (2 per day)
Create/ask a new topic/question on the FAQ (2 per day)

Best Regards,

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As stated above there are no bumps to be earned when someone bookmarks a service of yours. Generally people do that simply for future reference, and sometimes simply to get an idea of the service description you wrote so that they can write theirs similar to yours, or at least that is what I found out.

You can earn free bumps quite easily though by logging in daily, completing orders on time, and even when you ask questions in the FAQ section. These are the easiest ways to get free bumps basically.

If you feel you need more than the free bumps you are getting to promote your services more, you can also opt for the paid bumps.

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Hi sanfora thanks for your question. Simply I would like to say no. You will not get any bump by bookmarking. SEOclerks has teo types bump system. One free and anohter paid. And they impose some rules for getting free bump. If you logging your account each day, you will get one free bump and if you deliver or complete order 2 free bump you will get. And sale $5 affiliate you will get two free bump as well and sale worth $5 service, you will get another 2 free bump. And luckely you have got 2 free bump by asking question here.
You can also purchase paid bump
5 bumps for $3
10 bumps for $5
20 bumps for $8

So, no way to get bump by out activity

Thanks by Ajlancer

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