How to Create and Write Articles Without Using my Keyboard and Speaking it?

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How to Create and Write Articles Without Using my Keyboard and Speaking it?

What's a Good Talk to Text Software App for Windows for Writers?

Hi all. Do you ever wish writing (tapping away on your keyboard) could be done much faster? I'm a fairly fast typer and can knock out 100 words in about 60 seconds if I know what it is I want to say and have something to say I can just let my fingers do the work and within about 30-60 seconds hey presto I've created about 100 words. But sometimes I could talk it out much faster than that!

I know there are some speech recognition talk to text apps out there like Dragon Naturally but I've never really used it much! I did have a go at it a long time ago but can't remember why exactly but never continued using it for some reason. Also I think it didn't get every word perfectly and would lag sometimes as well and not put the text until sometime after I've said it and end up missing some words or a whole sentence or something.

I'm just wondering though if there's something else out there these days that can do that for you and if you can recommend anything to me if that's the sort of thing you use in your freelance work or webmastering, blogging, content writing tasks etc.

I have a touch screen PC but I've disabled touch screen ability as its not really needed, I prefer to use a mouse and it uses less ram with it off anyway so a touch screen keyboard with intelligent text control like you have on iPhones and smartphones today where you can literally just swipe your finger around isn't an option for me either.

I know you can use Windows Ease of Access Speech Recognition tool to control your computer and do speech to text for you as well. But I think I need a mic or headset with mic as mines built into my PC (Allinone touchscreen) and you need to move right up to it for it to hear your voice or talk quite loud and I'm not up for that. How to Create and Write Articles Without Using my Keyboard and Speaking it? I'm up for mumbling almost incoherently and it understanding every word I say perfectly! Not that I talk like that but it needs to be able to account for that. And that's why I never carried on using them because they just kept making too many mistakes.

Is there any such good app around like that today that has that level of sophistication or is it the same with any in that you need to talk quite loud and clear and fairly slow for it to get all the words right each time?

I get that you will still need to proof read the text after and format it yourself that's fine. But if I can find something I can speak into quite quickly and it do a good job of converting my speech into words into a text file then that could up my game!

What about you? Have you ever used or do you use speech to text apps? Or are you just happy bashing it out on the keyboard? Or do you have any other alternative methods of content creation that doesn't involve 3rd parties or using a keyboard?

We need to invent something new don't you think!?


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I've gotten so used to typing out what I'm thinking that I feel I can do it quicker with my hands than talking into a microphone.

My friend had the dragon software and it was pretty cool, but I couldn't get use to it and I think I lowered my normal 100-105 words per minute on my keyboard to around 45-50 when talking. I think the main problem I had was trying to backspace or edit something that didn't come our correctly. I would see something that needed to be edited and pause for a second because I had to think of what the command was in order to edit the mistake.

I think that if I were to sit down for a week and hash out a lot of content using the software I'd be able to get use to it. But I do prefer typing over talking to my computer lol How to Create and Write Articles Without Using my Keyboard and Speaking it? I can think of the entire sentence in my head and it goes through my fingers. I can quickly edit anything without looking down for the back space key since I've been doing this for a while.

I have seen some posts online about people using this type of software/apps in order to do content writing for their clients. I think this would be best for new content writers or people who aren't as good behind a keyboard since they'll have to use it a lot and they can probably pick it up quicker than me who has been smashing on keys for the last 20 years How to Create and Write Articles Without Using my Keyboard and Speaking it?



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Great answer Raz! That's exactly my reasoning, it can be good if you have a lot of experience in using it but it can be a learning curve as well. Most modern laptops actually come with voice control today such as with Cortana and you can get some good free voice control apps for Windows too. But at the end of the day, the keyboard can do just a good a job if you're a good fast typer. I'm a self taught typer but I've never actually taken any typing lessons. I know that they teach you how to type properly instead of how you would do it if you was self taught. I guess it wouldn't hurt and would actually make me a much faster more proficient typer if I took some typing courses. I know there's quite a few free online touch typing courses as well but have never had the time or inclination to take them because I'm fairly adapt at it anyway. This one seems quite comprehensive though. And this one gets you straight into it and shows which fingers you should be using for each letter. This is definitely something I'm going to look into doing more to improve my touch typing skills. 20+ years using a keyboard and I've never had one lesson so I guess I'm not doing too badly. But yeah, it would be good to pick up some new skills though as it always is don't you think? How to Create and Write Articles Without Using my Keyboard and Speaking it?

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Using the voice command of the smart phone is amusing. It is like you are the boss who is dictating on your secretary. That was the method in offices before the digital technology came to fore. When I first tried the voice command by posting on a forum, it was really great just for amusement. For serious typing, the voice command app makes a lot of misunderstood words that I had to correct it from time to time.

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