How can i create web server on my home computer?

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How can i create web server on my home computer?

I heard that it's possible to turn our home computer into web server where i can host my website on my computer and make available to public view over the internet. So i was curious, if it's possible, why would anyone buy web hosting when we all have own computers.

If it's possible, please guide me "how to" and what is advantages or disadvantages about it.


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Well, if we all hosted our websites on peoples computers, there might be times when that computer was shut down for the night or something. How would people access our websites then? How can i create web server on my home computer?

You can indeed turn your computer into a hosting solution if you have a large HDD. All you need to do is install a hosting software on it and it will let you manage it all, you can set up plans and allocate certain amounts of HDD space or bandwidth to each plan. You can then sell that to your friends or family or exclusive people only or anyone else that wants or need hosting of some kind.

But there are some drawbacks to doing that. You will need a fast and powerful computer, if you have many websites hosted on it, all those requests will make your HDD get very hot and slow down the speed in which those sites are served to people.

Also you have to take into consideration the bandwidth they would use. Your ISP probably says you have unlimited bandwidth but it's never truly unlimited. All ISP's have a "Fair Usage Policy" so if you're using up too much bandwidth, like 100GB a week, they would clock that probably suspend your account or ask you to pay more for the privilege.

The other thing to think about is, you might not really know about what kind of websites are being hosted on your computer and connection. Unless you approve them manually. But even after you do, if they have FTP access or Cpanel they can easy add some unsavory stuff right under your nose and you wouldn't know about it until the FBI come calling. There could be some really shady sites like phishing sites or worse being hosted on your computer and your connection which leads back to you as being responsible and you have to ask yourself, are you happy with that?

There are some excellent guides with software recommendations out there for going about doing this though. As well as a wealth of information of things to look out for, things to expect, what you will have to do etc etc. Just check out Instructables here or Lifehacker site here. Plus there's tons of videos on YouTube that show how to do it in easy to follow steps as well.

Here' a good video for it. Just make sure you're aware about what you're getting yourself into first!

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You can install web hosting software on your computer. It is available for every major OS. I'd recommend getting a dedicated machine and installing Linux though.


  • Easy access
  • Full Control

  • Usually much slower connection (most home connections have high download, low upload which is what a web server would use primarily).
  • Most ISPs don't allow it
  • If it goes down, you are the only one who can reboot/fix it.

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