Do you think subscription websites still has potential today?

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Do you think subscription websites still has potential today?

Subscription or membership websites are websites that have premium content that can only be viewed for a monthly fee. Some websites may provide limited amounts of free content so you can have a trial before purchasing membership. Some websites may also give you all the content for free but you only have limited features and membership is required for full features. A few good examples are Spotify and Code Academy.

Do you think subscription websites still have potential today? It is hard to be successful due to all the competition and there are lots of free resources and guides all around the internet. Therefore, the premium content needs to be a lot better than the free ones in order to get business. What types of subscription websites still has potential these days?

Do you use subscription websites? I don’t really use subscription websites because I prefer the free options.


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Good topic! Actually, I think this is the way that ALL websites will go one day! You simply wont be able to access them unless you pay a fee to do it. It will either be a one time for for using it once, pay as you go and get billed or subscription services or something. Can you imagine if you had to pay to use Facebook or Twitter or even Google itself to do a simple search on something? It seems mad right? And it seems a bad idea as well because that is not what the Internet was created for. It was created for sharing and storing information and knowledge and being able to freely access that information whenever you might need to for free can be absolutely vital and mean the difference between life and death in some cases.

For that reason, I don't know that would happen first with Google, (even though its probably something they've thought about (providing a premium version of Google search results without ads or something)). But I can definitely see somewhere like Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter or some other social networking site doing this in the future. There are already some sites that have locked their doors and parts of their site to some people unless you pay to access that. It's caused a massive debate on the Internet about whether or not they should do it and if it's ethical or not. But at the end of the day, they're going to want to make money from people somehow and as soon as one or two big sites start doing it HBO, CNN, Forbes etc or something start doing it, it wont be long until many others follow suit.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Internet went through an era of change like that and denied large parts of their site/service to people that aren't paying for the privilege. What would you do if you had to pay to use social media sites and Google itself? Would you pay or refuse to? Do you think subscription websites still has potential today?

Anyway with regards to your question lol.. I don't personally use any of them myself. But yes, I think that subscription sites can still be profitable and there is still potential there for them. Mate, there's like a new dating site out every week or something now you see on TV. And those have been going for years now. Plus some usual new TV/video/sports subscription service for MMA channels and that. At the end of the day, it comes down to your ideal. If your idea is unique and it takes off then it has that chance to earn something from subscriptions. But many many of them come and go all the time for all sorts of different types of services. Some do well and stick around and that could be you!

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I love anything subscription based, very convenient and an easy way to enjoy premium content that is not available to 'free' users.

Just speaking as a buyer (not a retailer), my favorites so far are Netflix - I've been a loyal Netflix subscriber for 12 years, first as a DVD member (when streaming was in it's infancy) and more recently as a streaming member. Spotify is another subscription based service we use in the house everyday - almost every member of the family uses this. And, recently added the Hulu and CBS All Access apps to my ROKU streaming device. These subscription based streaming apps are also available on other streaming devices such as PS4/Xbox One, not just the Roku. At some point, I was a member of Next Issue, recently renamed Texture; an online app based digital service that gives you access to well over 100 digital magazines you can read on your computer or smart phone, any digital device. One of the best subscriptions besides Hulu or Netflix.

Guess my point is there will always be a willing group of buyers who enjoy the convenience of paying a small sum of money monthly for premium perks. And I'm one of those people. I'm way more likely to buy if I can get something on subscription, whether digital magazines; movie streaming; even popular online games.

Likely, you could apply this logic to SEOClerks services for SEO work, blog commenting, forum posting, Facebook/Instagram likes on recent photos etc. Some buyers will want the convenience of being able to subscribe to your service and get work done on a regular basis without having to take out the credit card or login to Paypal everytime they want to make another purchase. Especially a good option for resellers who are making multiple purchases a week from the same seller for same service.

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I do believe subscription based things will become more and more natural. It already is with NetFlix, Spotify and others you've already mentioned here, but I believe it will become even more popular and more natural for each one of us. As Beverly stated above, it's a convenient way to get what you want without having to "pay for it" each time you want it. I have used both NetFlix and Spotify myself but not at the time I'm writing this. I can't really give you a proper answer for why I'm not using it right now either actually, I just don't. But I will for sure use them further on. With that being said, I would probably not subscribe to anything "online business" related to gain access to "premium content" as I truly believe that I can find most of it for free. It might take me a bit longer to search for it but it's not that big of a deal. "Seek and you'll get answers" -Isn't that a saying from somewhere?

Good topic and interesting discussion.

Best Regards,

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I think subscription websites are dead unless you offer some sort of service. Because these days you can get almost anything on the internet for free. I think for everytime someone wants you to pay for content, there will be 10 people offering the same content for free.

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Are people still subscribing for a premium membership with all the free resources and information at our disposal.I have never used any premium stuff because I get all I need from being a free member.I'm believing it going to die naturally when people stop totally to renew their subscriptions with all the free information online.

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I believe, in the vast majority of instances, that premium content is going away. Many of the news websites seemed to have learned that. More often than not, there is nothing actually premium about the content and the information is easily found elsewhere.

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Generally, subscription websites are waning. But some websites are still doing okay particularly the pornographic websites which have their VIP rooms that are open only for subscription. I like the idea of subscription website since you can already earn from the subscription fees. However, the trend now is not good because internet users are used to getting freebies. When a website has a fee, the visitor would exit and will not come back.

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