How To Deal With Negative Feedback?

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How To Deal With Negative Feedback?

Receiving negative feedback for a product or service is an unfortunate circumstance of being a seller. You can do everything right, but you’re bound to come across that one customer that is just never satisfied.

The best way to handle negative feedback?

Always keep your cool, express why you’re not in the wrong, and be very descriptive with your response. Much like I did when I got my very first negative feedback.

The buyer wrote: "BEYOND SLOW!!! NEVER AGAIN!!"

I responded with this:
“Beyond Slow? I delivered all the likes as per your request and I delivered all of them in time. (It took me 48 hours to complete your order) I’ve clearly stated with the description: 3 Days maximum. So I delivered 24 hours BEFORE deadline. You ruined my rating for nothing.”

Here is my logic for this response:
• I effectively eliminated the impact of the key complaint (that I was too slow) by questioning it in the very beginning.
• Next, I explained that I delivered everything as the customer requested.
• What’s more is that I delivered it BEFORE my 3 day deadline – which is why I made the point to express the exact time it took me to deliver (48 hours) – that way, future customers seeing this would know that I delivered on time.
• And then, I reiterated what is already on my service listing – that I have a maximum 3-day delivery time – once again, proof that I delivered on time.

Could I have flown off the hinges here? Yep! Did I? Nope. Why not?
Because it wasn’t worth risking my reputation over one unfair, disgruntled customer.

All of my current and future clients could see this exchange at any time. If I were to be disrespectful in any way and cause a scene over this rating, it could potentially cost me far more customers in the future. If you get a negative feedback every now-and-then, don’t let it get you down. Keep your cool and keep delivering quality services on time and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Do you agree with this or would you have handled this in a different way?

Best Regards,


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So far i have only one thumb down, but it made me stressed because i always try to provide best quality. To be even more stressful, buyer was completely wrong and made 100% false statement and i have proof. He beat him self with following feedback "Still not working all it now gives is a error message and the link you give does not work" He meant download link not working!! If it's not working then how he is getting errors while he run it? I also have licensing system as i proof that he activated his license and using software regularly. I tried to contact him few times in friendly manner to achieve his editing of review and turning it into positive, but he never logged in again as i can see. So i conclude that it "may be" done on purpose to ruin my rating. Thankfully i responded to his public feedback "smart way" as you suggested above so it didn't reflect my sales as much i can see, but it is disturbing and can be stressful. But as you said, heads up! This happen in our work but we should continue to provide quality, other people will respect that.

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firstly i try to negotiate with the buyer.however some buyers are really very immature and I had to upload screenshot of every conversation of dispute had with buyer in the feedback response to deal with the negative people can get very clear picture of everything happened behind the reason of negative feedback.

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It is a pity that some people are just either unethical, or impossible to satisfy. You completed the service within the time, and actually much before the deadline. So he had no reason whatsoever to leave such negative feedback. As sellers we place a lot of importance on the comments that our buyers leave for us. They are visible in public on the profile page for everyone to see, and in this case it was definitely not fair for you. I would feel offended with such a comment and I would definitely have answered him just as you did.

It is important that you keep your cool with such ungrateful people especially if you were totally right in what you did and delivered. No need to go down to their level by using certain language for example, even though you feel like you want to shout out at him if you were facing him! Anyway it is important to remain calm and think what you will be writing to still look professional, as you indeed are.

I had only one similar negative experience here. I reported everything to admin and was very pleased that they helped me and removed the comment too.

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Hi as a seller all feedback very importance for us. Because feedback will help to get idea for new customer what you have provided previous clients. It may increase your sell either decrease. Positive feedback or thumb us feedback always show satisfactory of your service by previous buyer. On the other hand negative feedback another awful experience from the seller point of view. This type of one thumbs down feedback may damage your business instantly and dramatically. So, for any negative feedback as a seller has to be serious . Buyer can leave you negative feedback several reasons. Always it is not for serious reason. For example, replay his answer after 24 hours but buyer expected you will get him response within few hours. If you experiencing this type of situation, my suggestion is suddenly contact with buyer and try to persuade him real scenario what was happening and is there any problem offer him to solve within shortest time. If buyer agree with you, problem should be solve. And if buyer do not agree with you but you have logical reason, you can contact with support staff with your evidence. They should help you.
But do not use rude language any ways

Thanks by ajlancer

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I would have ignored but I really like how you handled it. I have also learned from you. Your response never lead into an argument and apart from that, you also stated clearly what happened. Your reply is very convincing and such a reply can save anyone.

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Wel, if we know and understand that customers are kings, we will also try to keep our cool especially with an online business that needs our clients dropping feedbacks, reviews, and rating.One has to be very careful.I love your response and it doesn't take anything from you.I think sellers should learn how to be patient and respectful to their clients or bad review that dent one's image, reputation and earning abilities.

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