How to ensure you are always safe as a seller

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How to ensure you are always safe as a seller

We know SEOClerks is now becoming one of the largest outsource and freelance marketplace in the world. Each and every day here come so many seller and buyer for selling and purchasing there expected service. As a buyer we want safe and secure service and reputed seller. On the other hand, as a seller we are working for money. But sometimes it is not possible for few fraud clients or buyer. So, I have some suggestions for seller before working for any job try to understand some detector points. It may help you as seller for safe work:

1. When you receive an order, you should respond to the buyer very quickly to let him know when you will begin work.
2. Next you should visit the buyer's profile to check the date he joined.
3. If buyer joined a few days or month before but he has profile percentage 0% as level 1, then he is likely a legitimate buyer and safe to work with.
4. Check the buyer's user level. If he/she level 1 or 2 or 3 or Level X, and has 100% buyer rating, you can note it for good buyer
5. If your buyer level has a 0% buyer rating but is also Level 2 or 3, then there could be cause for concern and you should use caution.
6. If you see buyer join 1 or 2 years before even more but level 1 with 0%. Note it, he is ordering irregularly but most likely a genuine buyer.
7. Some countries are more prone to buyer fraud. Observe trends.
8. If buyer had level 1 -3 but before placed order from you. Proceed for him without tension.
9. If buyer user level 2-3 but buyer percentage 90% up. Note him as strict buyer
10. If buyer level 1 -3 but 50-60% buyer level. Note it he frequently leaving thumbs down
11. If you see buyer level 2-3 but buyer percentage less than 50%, be cautious when working with him.
12. Avoid buyers who have made numerous complaints on other seller services as they are more likely to complain about your services.
13. If buyer has a good record of communication with other sellers, then, no problem for performing a service for him even if he has 0% profile
14. If buyer has ordering history before from you and level 2-3 but 0% profile and did not receive any feedback from you too, please leave a short feedback at least and then you can see buyer current rating percentage.
15. If your buyer is also working as seller on Seoclerks, use caution and note him as strict buyer
16. If your buyer working as seller and he is offering the same service which he is ordering you. e.g. he has bookmarking service and he also ordered your service for bookmarking. So, before working ask him why he made this order for you for same service. If you get a good response then you can proceed with the work.

You will have a lot of success as an SEOClerks seller if you comply with above points. Hope your work will be more safe with less risk of being scammed by a problem buyer.

Just remember that not all points will not work anytime. Sometimes it may different.

Note: Sometimes buyer level 1-3 but percentage 0% he may excellent buyer too, Maybe he did not get any feedback from any seller.
Or He does not know how to leave feedback to you and you missed too for leaving feedback him.

This information is based on my own experience as a seller. Hope it will help to make your work experience safer when dealing with buyers.

If anybody has more suggestion add below.

And tell me what do you think regarding all points, is there anything else?

Thanks by Ajlancer


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Hi AJ,
Really happy to read your post. It is most important for every seller who is newbie. Thanks in advance.

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