How to Secure Your SEOClerks Account With Better Security

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How to Secure Your SEOClerks Account With Better Security

The security of your account is of the utmost importance to SEOClerks and yourself. For that reason, SEOClerks provide various methods in which to improve and tighten up the security of your account. This can prevent unauthorized access and anyone hacking into your account and withdrawing your money. I've never heard of anyone ever having their account hacked and loosing money ever, but if you value your SEOClerks account, you will want to follow these steps to beef up and lock down your account so that only you ever have access to it. This will also help you if you ever get locked out of your account or forget your password to verify who you are and regain access to it.

There are a number of ways to improve the security of your account and prevent it ever being compromised. If you head on over the Security Settings Page, you will see there are four methods here you can apply to your account which will make it harder for anyone to get into it. Here we'll explain how these security methods can be applied.

1. Link Your Mobile Number to Your Account

Secure your account and enable two factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access by linking it with your mobile number. When you verify your phone number with SEOClerks it helps prevents unauthorized access as if only you have access to your mobile number then only you can confirm you own it with the pin number they send you. Also if you ever get locked out of your account, or forget your password you can confirm you're the owner for it by linking your mobile number to it this way. That way, they can send you a pin number to it which only you will know so you can use it to get access to your account again. You can also choose to receive special discounts and promotional offers as and when they happen. This is recommended if you do a lot of buying and selling on SEOClerks!
How to Secure Your SEOClerks Account With Better Security
2. Verify Your Physical Address

This is a great step to take because it not only means you can verify yourself by your address which shows as a badge on your profile which fills buyers with confidence and lets them know you're a real honest person. Plus if you're ever locked out of your account you're the only person that knows your address, so can confirm it with these details. Another good thing is you can choose to receive snail mail from SEOClerks about special deals, coupons and promotional offers that other site users might not know about or be able to take advantage of so do that if you do a lot of buying and selling on SEOClerks. Add your address on the Add New Address page.
How to Secure Your SEOClerks Account With Better Security
3. Set a Secondary Password

It wont prevent anyone guessing your password, but it will prevent them from making any changes to your account. Plus be another password for them to guess. But if you set a secondary password you'll be prompted for it anytime you make any changes to your account or go to do anything like edit a service or change your email etc. This can prevent anyone from changing any settings in your account and adds a nice extra layer of security to it for those that might leave their account open and running on a shared computer or something. When setting a secondary password, don't chose the same password as your login password, choose something that isn't easily guessable and don't ever forget it! You can save it in your browser, but also set a password you need to enter before the password can even be entered but that's up to you.
How to Secure Your SEOClerks Account With Better Security
4. Set a Security Question

By setting a security question with an answer that only you would know, this can be answered any time you get locked out of your account or forget the password and don't have access to the email account that was used to reset it, or should it become compromised in some way. Choose one of the questions from the drop down and put an answer for it that only you would know if possible. Obviously don't choose an an answer that someone might now or would be easy to guess. Some people may be closer to you than you think. So choose a really obscure answer that only you will know and remember. And make sure you do remember this answer as well as forgetting it will make it harder to recover your account should you need to.
How to Secure Your SEOClerks Account With Better Security

Lock Your Account

Locking your account is an extreme way of preventing any changes being made to it at all. No matter whether a secondary password is set or not. This would only be used if you suspect your account has already been compromised (hacked/hijacked) and you want to prevent it being used in any way. When you do this you will have to contact support again to unlock it for you. You will probably need to confirm you are the owner in some say which is why you should complete the above verification and security steps. To lock your account scroll to the bottom of the Security Settings page and you'll see a button to click to "Lock this account". You will be prompted if that's what you really want to do so only do it if it's really necessary. You can also suspend your account as well but why on earth would you want to do that!?
How to Secure Your SEOClerks Account With Better Security
Other Ways to Secure Your Account

Device Notification

This isn't anything you have to do other than just enable, it wont prevent access into your account, but it will tell you if a device has logged into it that is not a recognized device by sending you an email notification of it so you will know and be able to do something about it quickly. If that happens, head on over to your Devices page and then quickly delete it and then change your password straight away. This will force logout that user on that device from your account. Make sure that Device Notification is enabled in your Settings page under under "Email, Profile and Private Messages".
How to Secure Your SEOClerks Account With Better Security

Creating a Secure Password

This goes without saying really but you should create a very secure password that has a mix of all sorts of characters in it and never something that is just a word or words together but something of about 20 characters minimum. This makes it a much tougher password to crack for any brute force password cracker tools that might be used to hack your account.

Secure Your Email Account

You should try to secure your email account as much as possible as well by also using a complex password and making sure you have done any such steps as is possible with your email provider to make your email account as secure as possible such as linking it with your mobile number. Because if anyone has access to your email account they can quite easily just reset your password. Just a tip.

This should hopefully help make your account much more secure and put you much more in control of it too! How to Secure Your SEOClerks Account With Better Security

Do apply them if you can!



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idealmike, this is some fantastic work you've done here! Both users of SEOClerks and I appreciates this and we welcome more in-depth, information and straight to the point topics from you. This will most likely come in handy for both new members of SEOClerks marketplace but it will also help to shed some light on things so others will benefit from this too. Me for starters. I had actually no idea about the Physical Address. I must have missed it somehow and here you are, making this perfect article so I can be enlightened. Much appreciated!

Security is super important and SEOClerks have various things in place for our safety. Not only our passwords to our SEOClerks accounts but also everything else you've stated above. SEOClerks improves, grows and bring new things to the table each and every day. I'm very impressed!

Thank you once again. Safety first!

Best Regards,

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Hi idealmike your tutorial about Security concern really very helpful specially for new user. Most of the new buyer and seller do not know how to make their account more secure. And reason of that I heard many user said there account has hacked. And as security concern SEOclerks took many great steps. Now user can make secure their account by several ways like by Mobile phone, Physical Address, set a security Question. But previously that was only by Secondary password and by account locked. And you describe all here how to active all security options for getting more security as user.
All featured are great but I heard on forum, some of user complained they do not get code by mobile even after hour or day. And it should be fix by Staff. I think cause may happen due to bug or server issue. But I believe it should be fix by Jordan. And I requested for address verification but still I do not get verification card within SEOclerks mentioned date. It may happened for postal delay but I am pretty sure that will come and I will make all verification to my account. Though still address verification only remains.

Again thank to you for excellent tutorial

Thanks by Ajlancer

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Thanks a lot guys you're both absolutely right and make some great points too. This is not something you can stress too much!

hitmeupasap has done a great job expanding on the points of verifying your address and the benefits for it. Anyone not done that yet should do so because it does have some great advantages and benefits to it - plus you get a $5 SEOClerks coupon for doing so!

Aj I was not aware of that, but I'm glad you brought it up! That could well be the case as a bug in the system or a ghost in the shell. I'm sure it's something they can take a look at and tweak. I personally got/get my mobile verification pin code immediately straight away. Some people might have put the wrong number possibly I suspect lol

As for address verification when did you do that? I guess you'd just need to contact staff about it and ask if they can confirm if it's been sent or not. Give them your address as listed in your settings page so they can confirm everything and let you know. It could have got lost in the post as well (possible). They might be able to send you another one. Don't worry, they'll sort it out and thanks! How to Secure Your SEOClerks Account With Better Security

If anyone has any other good tips to secure your SEOClerks account let us hear them!

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Got hacked and lost $52 How to Secure Your SEOClerks Account With Better Security , The paypal email he used is not verified i didn't click on the confirmation links still the hacker withdraw the funds

when i emailed to support they don't care about it and sends me a premade default email wow


Thanks for contacting us. If someone has gained unauthorized accessed your account please follow these steps:

1) Change your password immediately. You can change your password from within your settings area (click on your name, settings in the upper right).

2) Remove the users device which will destroy their session and log them out. You can view your devices from the device tab (left hand menu) in the settings area (click on your name, settings in the upper right).

3) Add additional security items to your account. We highly recommend adding a phone number for phone verification. You can access the security tab by clicking on your name (upper right) and then selecting security.

Adding additional security also enables two-factor authentication which requires an additional step when a new device logs into your account.

4) (Optional) Lock your account. After you have made any settings changes and if you do not frequently need to change your settings data, you can lock your account. This will prevent any additional changes to your account (it does not prevent orders). Lock your account by going to your settings area, scrolling down to the bottom and clicking "Lock this account". Your account can only be unlocked by a staff member, you must create a helpdesk ticket where we will identify you as the account owner in order to unlock the account.

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