What do you think about Omnity?

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What do you think about Omnity?

Today i was reading an article about the new search engine called Omnity. The most interesting part was that "Omnity could be more powerful than Google".
Omnity appear to be targeted at: researchers, scientists, financial experts, professionals, inventors etc.. Basic search it's free ,but they also have subscription packages and special information database that starts from $100.

Personally i've tried it, and to be honest it's a bit messy compared to other search engines.(However,it was a basic search...)

Have you ever tried it? or, Do you know more about it? Please share your opinion!


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the site seems good, but abit messed up with alot information, not user can be used for research purposes.
but i don't think it can beat google.

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Hi as per as I know this is another search engine like google, bing, yahoo etc. And it is looking smarter than other. I just read few article about this though still I do not try to use it. Here something for you what I read from Matt Southern
If you’re researching a subject you know little about, for example, you can type it in as a search term and immediately see which resources are getting cited the most. In addition you can see who has conducted the most influential research on the subject as well as which university is leading when it comes to research on that subject.

Omnity will pull information from a variety of sets of data including: SEC filings, publicly available news, organizational reports, scientific journals, financial reports, and legal histories.

Hope you will get much effective information from there.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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If you mean Omnity.oi then I wonder why you are saying that it can be more powerful than Google. First thing is the full display of the page. It is slow compared to Google. Second is the search. When you click on Google, you are given the freedom to do the search by keying-in the word or terms. But in Omnity, I couldn’t find the search function and it seems like I have to log in before I can use it. In case I am a newcomer then I have to create an account. To me, that is a waste of time. Google is still it for me.

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I see. I haven't tried omnity yet, but based from what you have observed it is not a good search engine. And yes, Google is still the best search engine for me. Google's data and system security is my favorite part of it.

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