What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Blackhat SEO Techniques

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What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Blackhat SEO Techniques

I have seen webmasters use blackhat Seo techniques to get good ranking for their websites in the past. Meanwhile, the Seo systems have changed over time and it is obvious blackhat Seo techniques have been the prey for the search engines.

I have seen situations where website owners hires freelancers to remove blackhat optimization like backlinks on their website.

I just want to know the disadvantages that arises from the use of blackhat Seo Techniques.


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The disadvantages of black hat SEO are mainly that your website will be removed from the search results and blacklisted from all the major search engines resulting in your website having to rely on paid advertising.

Black Hat On Page Optimization

1 - Hidden Text:
Hidden text in your on page optimization is an old trick that is picked up pretty quick now by Google, Yahoo! and Bing. This is the act of adding a couple paragraphs of text into the footer of your website, or anywhere you want actually, and making the text the same color of the background. To the human visitor they will see a nice website without a lot of clutter, but to the search engines they will see a ton of spammy looking text that is blended into the background since they scan the source code of your pages and don't take a picture and assume they know what they're looking at. This type of method worked a long time ago and is rarely used to day, but I still run into a few websites that are actually trying to rank using this.

2 - Keyword Stuffing:
Now keyword stuffing, unlike hidden text, is perfectly visible to the human eye and will make a website seem a bit off. People tend to add hundreds of their keywords to the text of their website in order for the search engine spiders to come in and rank them for that specific keyword. The algorithms of the search engines back in the day were not very advanced and would just see that you had "Pay Day Loans" 1,000 times in your text and rank you #1 for, you guessed it, "Pay Day Loans". This technique was quickly busted after Google, Yahoo! and now Bing are fighting to take down low quality sites, especially ones using black hat techniques in order to rank higher in the search results.

Note: Keyword stuffing and hidden text were/are commonly used together. People will disguise their keywords into the background of the pages in order to ranked much higher than they should be in the search results of Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

3 - Doorway Pages:
A doorway page is a page built specifically for the purpose of ranking well in the search engines and without any real content of its own, and which then links to the "real" destination page, or automatically redirects there. Doorway pages are a popular choice of some SEO firms, although Google has cracked down on this and many webmasters saw their pages disappear from the index. Some SEO firms call their doorway pages something else, in an effort to fool potential customers who know enough to know that they should avoid doorway pages. But a doorway page is still a doorway page even if you call it something else. Some engines may decide that an orphaned page is a doorway page, and if so then the page or the site might suffer a penalty.

Punishments For Using Black Hat SEO Techniques

Now you'll have to understand what the punishments are if, I mean when, you get caught using these techniques if you decide to do so.

1 - Getting Deindexed:
It's important to be able to distinguish between being penalized and being deindexed. If your website gets deindexed it will no longer show up in the search results no matter where you look. Even if you type your exact domain name into the Google search bar, your website will not show up in the search results. The punishment of being deindexed by Google and the other search engines is pretty rare, but does happen. It's actually pretty easy to tell if you've been deindexed by Google or not. All you have to do is go to and do what is called a "site search" where you type in and obviously you'll swap out "" with your actual domain. If your website shows up after you click enter or "search" then you are not deindexed.

2 - Getting Penalized:
Getting a penalty to your website will reduce the ranking of your website within the search engine you've been penalized by. There is actually no way to check to see if you've been penalized by going to a website and typing your domain name in. If you've been tracking your rankings for some time and see them drop ten pages and don't move for a while, chances are you've obtained a penalty somehow. Now a lot of times when people think they've been penalized it's simply the Google Dance and everything is fine. Your rankings will move a bit from time to time and that is completely normal for the search engines to do that. Don't freak out unless your website drops 10-20 pages and never recovers. If this happens, I would suggest hiring someone who has the knowledge of the search engines and SEO and can help you remove the penalty. It will take time to fix but may be worth it rather than starting all over.



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SEO or search engine optimization is considered nowadays as some of the most common on-line promoting techniques utilized by all internet masters these days. The reason for it's popularity is attributable to it's effectiveness in increasing the quantity of visitors in a web site.

Black Hat SEO describes the method of violating rules and code of behavior of search engines by taking advantage of loopholes. They work around search engines to get websites ranked high.

Beside, black hat SEO techniques, encapsulated by spamdexing, entail manipulating however search engines understand the connection of an online page in a manner that's usually inconsistent with the search engines' guidelines. Hidden text, cloaking, and blog comment spam are samples of black hat SEO.

By performing black hat SEO web site comes quickly on search engine however it's spam don't use this type of methodology
Moreover, The advantage is that black hat techniques help to rank your keywords quicker in search engines by unethical ways, however following such techniques will risk your web site for any search engine penalties.

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The risk in black hat is the penalty. I have read in some discussions that your website can be de-indexed which means it will not be qualified in the search engine evaluation anymore. That’s reason enough to forget that idea of keyword stuffing and other means of trying to fool the search engine algorithm. So we are back to basics which is the contents that you upload on a regular basis for a guarantee of good standing with the search engines.

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