Hire writers for Forum Posts and wages. What should I do?

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Hire writers for Forum Posts and wages. What should I do?

I've been working online for the last couple of years and mainly been focusing on Forum Posts (Branding Work using Forums), during this time I've also been contacted multiple times about "the average pay" for Forum Posts.

A typical question can be:
How much should I pay for 1 forum post?

The thing is, that you can't really put a fair average price tag on something like this. Even though you might think so. And why? - Because you'll find several talented Freelancers providing these services at different rates.

In general I'd take this into consideration:
-The topic/niche. (the Forum niche and the niche of posts in general).
-The experience of the Freelancer.
-Feedbacks and ratings if necessary, although these might in fact be misleading as they could have worked with topics they're inexperienced with, which ultimately leads to a negative feedback.

And also if the Freelancer you're about to hire is native in the actual language. For example, a native english writer is often more costly than some other Freelancers from different countries. You'll need to think about spelling issues/mistakes and if it's worth hiring someone for a few bucks less than another one because of it. It all depends on the quality you want and/or if you're looking for quantity.

Personally I usually go from $0,25 up towards $5 per post, depending on the above stated things. You should also obviously contact the Freelancer before you hire them, and here's the first "free test" of their writing skills.

What I've written above is what I go after when it comes to hiring people for Forum posts. Is there anyone else having other inputs or thoughts on this?

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Whenever I have someone doing a branding campaign on forums for me I tend to pay them per post on forums. Now they can't just post on any forum, it has to be niche specific or I won't count it.

I usually write up what I want posted and then they go out and post for me. Since I'm writing up what I want posted it it usually cheaper to hire someone since they don't have to think of what to write themselves and there will be no language barrier or grammar mistakes.

Sometimes I'll even have an infograph designed so that the freelancer just has to go embed the image into the forum post and they're done. Pretty simple, but it cost me $20-$40 for the infograph depending on how detailed I need it to be. This infograph can be posted on any of the niche specific forums as long as it does not break the Terms of service set forth by the forum. The only real downside to the infograph instead of text is that the infograph can't always be edited on the fly if something in the image breaks the rules of the forum. With a text post it can be easily edited and sent back to the freelancer for posting.

If I'm setting up the content or infograph, I'll usually pay $0.50 per thread started on niche related forum and $0.25 per post to monitor and manage the thread so that potential clients will be engaged quickly and I don't have to do it myself. If they're going to be managing the forum thread for me I always want their native language to be English since that's who I usually target. If their native language is not English, I will accept them if they have a good grasp on the English language and it doesn't look like an elementary school kid is responding to people Hire writers for Forum Posts and wages. What should I do?



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I agree with both of you. One thing that is really important is the way the writer is able to explain himself, as poor quality language will reflect badly. Therefore a native english speaker is generally the best option even if you would have to pay a bit more.
The type of forum one will be posting in needs to be well chosen and that will have an effect too. Hiring someone who has experience in that particular niche is always best since you do not want to end up with incorrect information or silly posts which will ultimately reflect badly on whatever you intend to promote on the forum.

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That 25 cents per post is surely attractive and rewarding. I had worked as a commissioned poster in a forum recently. My posts are 100 words or so in length to the satisfaction of my client. I was paid 10 cents per post and the PayPal fee was deducted from that amount. After 200 posts, I was again offered another contract but I am hesitant.

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I think your post has captured the most important aspects of assessing a writer before hiring.I go mostly with writers that can play with words.Two people can write the exact topic but one would tend to understand one better than the other.Why?Because the other better one was able to use words to his or her advantage to the better understanding of the user or reader.So it not just about writing but writing to people's understanding.

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I think using post exchange services like Postloop is a better idea instead of hiring writers for your forums. If you use postloop, people from different interest from different locations will join your forum and they will create discussion which will help your forum grow.
Another way to increase content on your forums is by advertising on webmaster and promotion forums. ON such forums you can find many people willing to post on forums.

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