What Is White Hat Backlinking?

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What Is White Hat Backlinking?

White hat backlinks are links placed by you (shhhh don't tell anyone) or a third party (other people) that are not spam type links. High quality links placed by you or other people in order to add quality information to a platform.

How to do some white hat linking are as follows:

When you start doing your SEO there is a systematic way to do what needs to be done. The first thing you should focus on is blog commenting. Getting dofollow blog links aimed at your website is much more beneficial at the beginning. Be sure to comment relevant content on each post in order to get your post/link accepted. Your post needs to add value in order to get likes, upvoted, etc. Don't post stuff like "Great Post!" because it just looks spammy. Most blog owners will delete your comment and do an IP ban. This means that not only your profile is dead, but your IP is now burned and you can't comment on their posts again unless you went to a starbucks What Is White Hat Backlinking?

Another great place to get some good links are on forums. When you post in a forum it brings your site to the attention of people that would not of known who you are prior to you joining. Not only will this help you increase your search engine rankings, it will help build your brand and also your direct traffic from the links resulting in more sales and readers. Read over the posting policies of each forum before you begin to comment on anything or post your own threads. You don't want to destroy your account by posting spammy looking comments and get the boot right away. Add value to the forum and after you build trust with the moderators I'm sure your posts will begin to go live much quicker and you may not even end up in any moderation queue when posting.

Making your own videos is also a great way to build your website up. By getting just one video of yours on YouTube to go viral can bring in thousands of sale almost overnight. Google, Yahoo! and Bing also love these types of links and will not only boost your website but boost the URL of the Video in the "Videos" tab of the search engines. Don't post crap, take some time to make a good video and it will be extremely beneficial.

Working with social media can be an amazing thing. Social platforms such as Reddit, Facebook and Twitter are great generating backlinks. Google+ and LinkedIn also help build brand awareness and traffic so don't forget those. Attract a wider audience by posting good content that people are willing to share with their followers and friends. When the content you post is useful/helpful you'll notice more retweets, shares, likes, etc. By doing all this social media optimization you will notice that down the road Google, Yahoo! and Bing will love you. This is because people are sharing your posts and you're getting natural linking.

Take your time building high quality and natural backlinks in order to increase your rankings in Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

In time you'll notice a decent spike in traffic if you've done everything right.




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Google talks a lot about natural/organic/editorial backlinks as if these will magically pop up if you are an authority online. And, really there are a lot of authority sites out there which likely never get linked to and those sites have just as much good information as an edu based site on that specific niche, though most are just 'mom and pop' type personal info sites, based on someone's own experience. And, even if another site does happen to notice your hard work, they are just as likely to 'mention' you by name at that 'so and so site' rather than taking time to actually link to you.

So it's really useful to do a little whitehat backlinking, though how you go about it might make a difference in whether Google perceives your backlinks as legit or spam.

The internet is a really social place and if you like to talk and socialize, you're not only going to do a better job at 'natural' backlinking, but also make some really good friends/contacts in the process. Simply getting out and commenting on various related blogs that talk about similar things as your own is a good strategy as it allows you to mix it up with the influencers in your niche. Those same people will love talking to someone who is as interested in the subject as they are and that can lead to guest blog post opportunities and even collaborations. And, I'm not talking about bulk commenting (1000 comments for $1) kind of thing. If you read an article on a blog and sincerely like it, then say so and maybe even ask an intelligent question or contribute a piece of advice you learned that relates to what was written.

Before you think this isn't a relevant way to backlink anymore, keep in mind that even Matt Cutts admits to backlinking with his own signature line (to his personal blog), though he says he leaves his 'real name' rather than a keyword. Maybe that's relevant advice for anyone as it's useful to know you are dealing with a real person.

You can also apply this same logic to forum posts. If you are an active member of a community, there is no reason you can't benefit from a signature line too. Just be sure what you are contributing is always top quality.

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To contribute to this, Anything whitehat involves doing SEO methods MANUALLY; without the use of any automated software or tool. it is a process that requires a lot of time, effort and energy to execute and it surely takes time to begin to see the effect but surely in the long run, it is the best form of SEO as it prevents BAN from Google and generates real traffic when it finally comes into effect after some time.

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I love your posts. I really do. I'm not being spamy or anything!Lol. You make everything sound so easy and working online especially in SEO or as an affiliate marketer , very easy. Great tips. Sometimes very tricky to implement, as some forums and blogs don't allow any links to be posted. So it's super easy to get banned. However worth giving it a try. And I will.

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Pardon me for this ignorant question. Do you mean to say that White Hat backlinking is posting on blogs and forums? So when I post a comment on a blog that included the backlink of my website, that is considered white hat? From what I see above, white hat is posting on blogs, forums and social media. Well, probably I have gone through those activities already. Now, it is time to know about Black Hat and what it really is.

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