Do forum signature links still work for ranking?

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Do forum signature links still work for ranking?

Forum signature links use to be a great source for backlink building. I had a lot of forums I posted on and adding my signature in those links would increase a site's ranking considerably. Is that something that still works or has Google nuked those?


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Oh man, I use to buy signature links on popular forums in order to get clicks and an SEO benefit. I haven't bought those links in a long time because I don't feel that you get a benefit after just 10 links from one site. I have a few thousand posts on some forums and of course my signature link is there. But I don't rank #1 for my anchored text Do forum signature links still work for ranking?

Google, Yahoo! and Bing definitely take in account your signature links. But just like profile links, where you can build thousands almost instantly, they aren't weighed as much as say a high PR link on a news website inside of well written content.

So if you're targeting signature links just for the SEO benefit, you can pay someone a couple bucks a month to add your backlink to their sig. If you want to get a few extra clicks on the links you can target people who post daily in high trafficked sections and it should get you some traffic. It won't send 100 people a day even if the forum gets millions of visitors. This is because people get what is called banner bllindness and is more commonly talked about when doing banner advertising. People get the same blindness when they frequent forums, they gloss over the signature links and banners because they see so many of them that they become numb to those sections and never click. Most of the clicks you'll get from your signature links will be from people who are newer in the market.



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Yeah, I remember the days when you could create a forum account on every related forum, post frequently, add your signature link and get ranked higher. I assumed Google nuked them since they have blackhatted everything.

Do you still use forum signatures for traffic? It seems like a great way to get conversions and affiliates.

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I have never paid anyone for signature links however, as a member of Postloop since 2015, I have participated in 20-25 forums and made around 10 K posts. I have used my links as a signature in most of these forums. When I check backlinks, the forums where I have shared my signatures appear. However, I don't know whether these backlinks have helped me generate traffic or improve search engine ranking.

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I've used them in 2016 and they still work to boost ranking for long-tail, non-competitive keywords. Most are not very high quality but having a link on a page that is 6 years old definitely has it's value. You have to make sure the forum is related to your niche though. You can't use a signature link on a car forum for a linux blog.

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Many feel that such links are spammy. Forum links do not carry a lot of value, however they can still help a bit. As a general rule of thumb it may be best to avoid stuffing signature links with keywords. However a few links from relevant and good quality forums could help in providing some value. Apart from some SEO value, which in my opinion is minimal, I think that links from some forums could actually drive some qualified traffic to the particualr site. They could thus help a bit in brand recognition. However there are other better options to them. After all if you were to consider their effect, I think that we all agree that in order to get even a small number of visitors a week through signature links one would probably need thousands of relevant posts.

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My opinion it's not operating a lot of for search ranking. primarily forums are terribly spammed with link that they're actually worthless. and those link might facilitate to user however not for your web site SEO. Beside forum link should be nofollow attributable to the link on signature side it valueless. Forum wonderful place for unprofessional people that wish to extend variety of link. however they do not care attention to authority of domain and page. Forum link don't tend to hold lot of value. however top quality forums will give some worth. Besides the SEO value, that is minimal, links from relevant forums will truly drive qualified traffic to your web site and facilitate get your brand out there.

Thanks by Ajlancer

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According to me everything does work as long as you are doing this in a perfect way. Google doesn't like spamming so placing links in signature intentionally to build backlink may not be preferable. Rather place it when that specific forum allow you to do that.

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There are various tools available through which you can do competitor research and find Do follow forums for your website, some of the tools are mentioned.
Please check.

  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Majestic - Link Intelligence Tools For SEO
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Analytics
  • Buzzsumo
  • Content Idea Generator- Portent
  • Keywordtool.Io
  • Ubersuggest.Io
  • Check My Links – Extension

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Maybe I am guessing but my take on the signature links is that they are still being taken into consideration by search engines. That’s why it is important for a website owner to have his signature link when he joins a forum because that is like a backlink which you spread in other websites. It also means that the more you post on that forum, the more chances that your signature link gets noticed by search engines.

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I'm interested in buying forum backlinks in signature, so provide me with a list of accounts you're ready to give on different forums as a donor and I'll turn back to you and tell you which suits me well and where exactly interested to place links. Make sure that links are visible for Google and will be hyper (active) links. Preferred niches are home, garage, garden and appliances, but I can review anything you have. Send me list here or better to contact me at adamclap1 [at] gmail dot com.

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