Freelancing : Are you working alone or do you have a team?

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Freelancing : Are you working alone or do you have a team?

I love Freelancing Freelancing : Are you working alone or do you have a team? Each day in freelancing has a new experience, i have learned so much since that day i decided to start freelancing career.
Currently i'm working alone and managing it well...

But i wonder, what are the benefits and challenges working with a team?

Please share your experience!


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I've worked alone and with a team I put together. I currently work alone but I prefer a team. With a team you can delegate tasks. The key is finding the perfect team member who you train to do the tasks you were doing. Think about it this way, if you find the perfect member and train them to be you, you have effectively replicated/cloned yourself. If there are 10 of you, how much more can you get done? You should also only hire people who are better/smarter than you (this excludes menial tasks).

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I've read that before, that you can only go so far by yourself. You eventually have to delegate and outsource tasks to others.

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I think the main advantages of working as a team is that you can take on bigger projects and you have a wider range of skills and knowledge which would help you provide higher quality work which would generally increase your personal income. However, there may be conflict of interests between you and team. You may also have different ideas and having worked in teams for freelancing work in the past, I can say that I prefer doing individual projects. It is just easier for me because I find that I always have different ideas to my team members and it is hard to come up with an approach that everyone agrees with. Something that I prefer is working individually but hiring other freelancers to help out using my approach for bigger projects. Obviously, this depends on the type of work involved but I think this works well for me. However, there will be times when you require a team but even then, I prefer smaller teams.

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Personally I tried out both. I started off on my own. Then, I tried to work with some people in the hope of managing to distribute the work and reduce my workload a bit. At the time I was busy with other commitments and I was sort of forced to do this so as not to stop altogether. At times it was helpful, but looking back I think that there are more cons than pros of working in a team. Sometimes I did not like the level of the work, or their moods and thoughts ended up affecting me. It could also be that I tend to be a bit of a loner, and so I feel more at ease working on my own and setting my own schedules and everything. I agree that if you find someone who is similar to you it would be great as it would be as if you have a copy of yourself, and thus you get double your time at your disposal. But from my experience it is practically impossible to find someone, or at least I never did.

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Hi I started work alone as usual. And I did it myself first 2 years and last 5 years I am not working alone. And it is not possible anyway nowadays. I have an excellent team in office for doing job for clients. And each day we are working for many task to time deliver. There should benefit with team work. You can do lot of work, which lonely not possible to done within deadline. If you become a reputed freelancer, you never get much time to do all ask alone. And you must to set up a team members.

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I started my Freelancing career on my own but I had to train people to fulfill my tasks for me, so I could spend time on other things, (educate other people, work with support, bring in clients etc). Today, I have a small team of workers and I have trained each and one of them myself. Having a team of different people I've trained myself is the best thing that ever happened for me, during the years I've been a Freelancer.

The benefits are:
I can spend time doing other things by having team members doing tasks for me. That's literally the key for my success. That's also what I would call outsourcing, even though it might be a bit different compared to what others think.

The challenges are: (In my opinion)
Struggling customers can be a real pain if you're using your team for customer support. Struggling customers are usually tricky to deal with no matter what but I feel that I can handle most situations quickly with both sides being satisfied. Since each person are different, having a team member doing this for you might lead to worse result. Even though they might have strict rules and/or guidelines to follow.

As long as you have a good relationship with your team members, communicating daily, delegating tasks fairly and so on, I would say just go for it. Being a team leader is a fantastic feeling, if you're willing to go that extra mile and if you're willing to have a larger portion of responsibility compared to being a worker in a team. All roads lead to Rome, and in this case, you're the one with "the power" but you're also the one who'll need to take the responsibility whatever happens.

Best Regards,

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My main line is providing content to forums hence I work alone. But I had experienced working in a team when I was a co-blogger. It gave me moral support especially when they check my articles and offer suggestions for improvement. Working with a team is better than going solo but it depends on the kind of work.

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I prefer working alone for now until I see the need of working with another or. as a team.Working as a team is good no doubt but it need one getting the right fit. if one get the right person then half of the job is done already. Two heads at times is better than one,so a team might just help one progress faster.

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I have been working alone. I was thinking of working as a team with two of my friends in school but they seem to have many responsibilities and they seem like they are not into writing. My sister likes writing but since she is still in highschool and she is also in and out of boarding school, I won't be giving her tasks this early.

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