Which host provides fast load times even with multiple advertisements on the page?

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Which host provides fast load times even with multiple advertisements on the page?

Page speed is an important factor for SERP since Google has put more emphasis on user experience. Therefore, it is important to host your website on a fast web server. As someone who generate revenue through advertisements, I understand the trade-off between revenue and page speed. Having multiple ads on a page increases my revenue but at the same time, it increases my load times. Regardless of being on an SSD VPS server, it can take my website up to 4 seconds to load due to the advertisements. Furthermore, I have experienced lots of hosts which are good when you first join them but then you get short periods of continuous down time after being with them for a while.

I am looking to changes hosts as they seem to be quite slow and unreliable. I recently looked at SiteGound and saw that they have something called Super Cacher which seems to help improve performance. They also seem to have good reviews. Has anyone used SiteGround?

Can you recommend any good hosts out there that has fast loading speeds even with a few advertisements? Have you got any tips on how I can increase the speed of my website without removing advertisements?


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Most ads are loaded from an external source and an external host (whoever the source uses). You changing hosts will not affect their load time. This is assuming you are using something like BSA, Google Adsense, etc. If you are hosting your own ads, this does not apply.

If your site is slow regardless of the ads, you might consider getting a dedicated server. This will significantly increase your load times for your users. You may also want to evaluate your webs server software. Apache is incredibly slow compared to Nginx or Litespeed.

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Currently i'm using Godaddy and Namecheap , i have heard about Siteground and it looks very cool but as i know ssd vps servers are very faster but costs too much. Keeping site alive without ads is hard i think, howewer, it depends by your budget...
Use cdnjs + Cloudflare and your site will have enough speed.

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Speed is indeed of the essence and most certainly a ranking factor taken into consideration. But not the main one as there are plenty of very slow loading sites out there that are ranking highly! Sometimes, even the biggest sites load very slowly too. In fact, sometimes sites get so big they get so many users that they can grind to a near dead halt. But even so they still rank highly so a long page load time doesn't seem to have a negative effect for their SERP ranking but can annoy the users who are getting a laggy experience. If you have other good on-page and off-page SEO it really pales into insignificance but having a faster loading site can improve things all round for the users of it.

As Drake has pointed out though, unless your ads are self hosted, they will be hosted by the advertiser such as Adsense ads, Amazon ads etc etc. So no matter how fast your site loads, those ads will only load as fast as the server they're on can deliver them. Those sort of ad companies would use dedicated servers of course. But the type of server you're on and its own configuration and settings can effect your page load speed as well.

Then there's your site itself, how much content each page has on it will effect download/load time. Whether you have optimized your images on your site, if you're minimizing CSS files etc and reducing the amount of external scripts being loaded. Also checking for errors in your HTML/CSS/PHP files as well can sometimes considerably speed up page load times when everything works correctly. Even removing blank white spaces from these files can shave off some kb and speed up page load times too. If you remove enough white space you can often reduce it by up to 1MB or more which can shave off a few seconds for slow connections.

Using cloud hosting can help speed up your site by serving static cached files of your site to the user from a place much closer to their location than your server might be so it can deliver it to them much faster. Your own host might even provide CloudFlare CDN through your Cpanel for free you can register with and also provide WAF (Website Application Firewall) and DDOS protection too so a double whammy.

So to recap, the things to look at to speed up your site would be;

  • The type of server you are on and its current configuration settings.
  • Whether your ads are self-hosted or not.
  • Optimizing your websites images and files.
  • Fixing any broken code and validation errors.
  • Using a cloud based CDN (content delivery network) service like CloudFare

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Before considering host change, optimize your website so the images are loaded in parelel not serial way. Then optimize image size. use webpagetest (google it)
Then make sure your internet bandwidth is good enough to load all images at same time. Consider total webpage size and if your bandwidth can load it in one second.

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More than the host, website loading time depends on kinds of hosting you have subscribed. If you have a shared hosting and your website has big traffic, your website will not only load slow but even fail to load. Shared hosting cannot handle big website traffic. However for a moderate size website, dedicated servers perform well. If you have a big website, you need VPS or cloud. If you have multiple ads on your webpage and your website received big traffic, upgrade to cloud or VPS.

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