In your opinion what are the best ways to get a boost in traffic from Google?

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In your opinion what are the best ways to get a boost in traffic from Google?

When a website is designed the main intention is obviously to get as much traffic as possible. There are different opinions as to what is the best way to really get a boost in your web traffic. Link building seems to be what many favor the most, but for those who feel that link building is hard, what are some easy ways to make traffic gains in Google search results?


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I personally think the best method is just simply creating quality content that has a high number of searches. A tip that I found recently is to have longer content but make sure it is not too long. There is evidence that shows that pages with longer content seems to ranks higher on Google. However, you don't want it too long as it affects user experience which is also another factor that affects rankings. Google seems to care a lot about user experience too so that is another factor to consider. Having short load times and a mobile friendly website are good ways to improve user experience.

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I agree with the quality of the content because from what I know, Google is more concerned with the quality and you get more value if your content is unique. Rehashed and copied content can pull your website down in the rankings. Another factor is the length as I had read in one thread, the longer the content, the better for your ranking. Maybe the quality is still superior but the quantity also counts.

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High quality content - This is definitely true since "Content is King" in Googles eyes. Now when I say High Quality, I don't mean content that is spun well and semi readable. I mean you, or someone you hired, took your time writing up some content and then posted it on your pages. You'll need to make sure the content is optimized as well, you can't post an article that is just you rambling on for 2 paragraphs. Be sure to build some high PR links at your articles as well, this will make the indexing and rankings times much quicker.

Links on news websites - Now this will technically send you traffic from that news website, but the page you are getting traffic from is most likely getting it's traffic from Google and Google News. Again, you can't post garbage so you'll need to write up quality content in order to post. And if you decide to try and get some content on a news website, it will most likely go into moderation so there's no guarantee that you'll get it posted.

Adwords (Paid) - Now this is pretty obvious, but needs to be a traffic funnel you should use in order to gain targeted traffic. Increase your relevance score in order to decrease your CPC. Don't just run one ad, build dozens and have them all set in campaign under the same daily budget. Your CPC tends to decrease after you get a few thousand impressions because Google can evaluate your score better this way. I've been set at a relevance score of 5 when I posted my ad and paying $0.25 per click. But after 2 weeks of non stop impressions I noticed that my relevance had jumped to a 9 or 10 and I was paying $0.10 per click. Not to bad, right?



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To get an instant boost of traffic, I use Google+ Communities. I get more traffic quicker from Google+ Communities than I do any other social networking site combined. The only site that comes near to it is Reddit but Reddit can send traffic for longer if its done right. However the great thing about Google+ Communities is that you can find Communities that are within your industry / niche. Sometimes these can have many thousands of users. Admittedly the users can be the same but there can be quite a lot of them using them at different times. On a good day, after I post to them, I can expect to get around 1000+ visitors. But I post using multiple different accounts at different times of the day and post different things all the time, and try to use different pictures as well where possible. But quite simply, it works! And the visitors are lazor targeted as well because of course, they come from the community that's related to what your site is about. ;)

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If you are looking for traffic from Google you need to remember couple of things.
Publish unique and original content. Unique contents means your topic is not extensively covered online. original contents means, the content must be entirely produced by you and not copied from other sources.
using keywords properly. Your title must contain your primary keywords. It is better to use long tail search term on your title. Your article must also contain just about 5 percent keywords. If you are writing 100 words there should be five primary keywords

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