My Services are not being published

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My Services are not being published

I have been a seller for over 6 months and haven't had any issues with posting my Twitter packages. I am currently a level 3 seller and I have worked with clients seeking Twitter Followers. Up to this point, that has been all I have offered. I decided I wanted to branch out and created services under different social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram as well as Twitter. I created several services and when I was done editing, I submitted and a message popped up that said "Your Services Are Being Reviewed and Will Be Published Once Approved." This has been normal. Normally after 2-3 days my services are published but I have created about 6 or 7 services recently and they have all been rejected. I fear that my account may be restricted or something but I do not understand because I am a level 3 seller with 100% positive reviews. Please help me!


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Are you sure you aren't trying to create services that violates the TOS?
Anyhow, create a ticket to the support and ask them about the rejections.




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