Custom Orders & Down Payments?

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Custom Orders & Down Payments?

1) If a buyer contacts me with an order request that's larger than what my gig offers, but within the price restrictions of my level is there a way to create a custom order for the buyer?

2) I don't see this being an issue just starting off, but some services obviously may take some time to complete and require an initial investment by the seller. Is there anyway to lock in the funds for an order? What happens if you are providing a service for a buyer that cost $200 - $300, and the buyer decides to cancel half way through completing the order? Is there a system in place to protect the sellers because for a service like this I may need to invest $100 on the buyer's behalf?


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If your having a problem with larger orders i recommend telling the buyer to start off with a smaller amount or make many orders with smaller amounts equaling the larger amount, and you can deliver them as they are complete rather than waiting until the end to get paid.

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That's a good idea actually, especially where buyers are trying to purchase multiple quantities which extends the deadline. One time, a forum owner made a huge order from me, at that time it was for 10 orders of the same service. His goal was to get a year of forum posts and rather than ordering one per month, he bought 10 and asked that it be stretched out over a year, meaning even if I completed it all, I would not be paid for a year. About two months into the service, the forum went out of business, so any work that I had done was lost. The buyer stopped coming to SEOClerks so there was no way to communicate with him about the status of his forum. I had to end up cancelling the order as the work could not be completed. After that, i learned to just allow short duration of any service (such as 1 month maximum).

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