how to Edit my review on someone orders?

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how to Edit my review on someone orders?

Hello guys, I was wondering..

Why sometimes, I can edit my review and sometimes can't?

Is there a limit time to edit it?
or why? Please answer, cause I want to know what is the reason behind this..
Some times I am freely to change my review and sometimes the "Edit" button is gone..


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In that case support center will better help you, as you describe your service about youtube this is allowed i think but maybe some words which is not allowed.
Hey, you can change your review till the order get completed, But after order get completed, you can't change your review, after rating the order, you still have 2-3 days to change the review but after it, you ain't allow.

Also contact SEOClerks support & tell them the reason, that why you want to change review, if that reason is valid, they will change it! That's it.
Have a happy marketing & have a nice day

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