when will be ready my buy?

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when will be ready my buy?

Hello i've bought 5000 likes fans page, when will be ready? because yesterday i've bought it... i'm waiting for your answer for get more services... i h o p e y o u r a n s w e r m a te, t h a n k y o u


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Contact the seller through pm or leave message on the order.
Also see on the left side of the service, there is time estimate delivery

Delivery time is different between one seller and other

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Hi pipetrix,

It's very unlikely the 1 user you purchased from will see this here in the FAQ so your best bet is to contact them through the order page as you will have done previously. You can also find a 'Contact' link on users profile pages if you want to use the on-site inbox.


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At the top of your account, hover your mouse over the BUYER tab (don't click it, just hover), than go to Shopping > My Shopping. Find your order here, click the order to open it, and at the very top of the order you will see: Deadline: Feb 27, 2014 (it will be other date) - this is the date when you can expect your order to be delivered.

Best regards,

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