What is the way to protect from a fake seller?

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What is the way to protect from a fake seller?

When I make an account in seo clerk website, there are written in some services that they will give one thousand likes only for one dollar. How is it possible to give it? Are they fake or real ? by them any harm is done or they have real standard?


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Hello friend, If you want to know who seller is fake or real, you should check they're profile and ratings.If any sellers have more  Positive ratings,that means this seller real and best.If any sellers have more negative ratings that means this seller is not good.If any seller cheat with you,click this link and follow  instruction Thanks.

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You are better off asking the seller if they are real or fake. It is like Twitter followers, some give you thousands of bots following your account while others give you thousands of real followers. This can be done in many different ways such as promotion, exchanges etc. If they are bots, this can be done using special programs. I don't sell these services so I am not completely sure how it is done.

Fake followers etc can ruin your profile and there is a chance you can get banned if you receive hundreds of thousands of followers at one time.

I am not sure if this is what you also wanted to know but I will explain judging by the title...

If you don't receive the service you ordered, you can cancel the service and get a refund however both parties must agree to this cancelation. If the seller doesn't agree, you can contact the staff team and they will force cancel it with a refund. There must be a valid reason for the cancelation if you do cancel the service by contacting staff.

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