What is the hire trade in seo clerks?

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What is the hire trade in seo clerks?

I am seomaster666. I don’t know the hire trade option in seoclerk. I like to know about it.Because It has been necessary to know it. No way I find about hire trade option in seoclerk. If you have known any road for the solution of it. Please answer me fast.
So I will be so proud of you. thanks


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Hello seomaster666,
WTT stands for "Want To Trade" and it's a perfect option for anyone who's interested in trading their skills, knowledge or services for others.

There's been two recent FAQ's that covers this. You'll be able to read everything you'll need to know regarding both the WTT and WTB (Want To Buy) section below:

Trade Skills Or Services Without The Use Of Money?
How to Bid on People's WTB's and WTT's Be Hired and Get Work as a Freelancer

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