Web 2.0's for Web 2.0's??

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Web 2.0's for Web 2.0's??

So I am starting to get into this SEO stuff, instead of just ranking vids, Im trying to get into ranking some sites as well. Im trying to build some quality backlinks manually by doing some web 2.0's. Problem is, I dont have any registered domains or anything yet, just blogger, which I have been using to test my SEO skills before buying an actual domain. Blogger is a web 2.0 itself though! So my question is, is it worth it to spend time creating a bunch of backlinks through web 2.0's, when it would be backlinking right back to a web 2.0? Lol if that makes sense. Or should I just go ahead and invest in a domain and hosting and try my chances there?


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you need to Scrap some quality Links which did not digged by any one in Past
use these words before your Keyword
"ur keyword"
Inurl:"Ur keyword"
Intitle:"Url keyword"
as google change their Search Method so you need to try on Exact search on "ur Keyword"

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