What analytics tools do you use?

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What analytics tools do you use?

I know most people use Google Analytics and it is good analytical software. I used it for a long, long time and now with their "live" report, it is even better.

However, I've been using histat for a really long time. All of its reports are in real time for the day and it has every feature of Google Analytics (if not more). I love live reporting data.

What do you use?


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There are lots of tools available. Search for moz - it's one of the oldest and proficient SEO tools that is better than Google Analytics, however it is not free.

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If you really need the best analytics in the world, go for woopra. Its so advanced and customisable that it will blow you off.
I am really impressed by it that I ended up buying pro plans for every website I own.

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I have been using Google Analytics since 2010 that was when I started publishing on Hubpages. I associated my hubpages account with Google Analytics and tracked the visitors' data. Since then I have never felt a necessity of using another analytic tool. Google Analytics is free, and it is better than all those paid analytic tools.

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