Problem with the order help me?

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Problem with the order help me?

Hi guys ,
Recently i got a order , but that is a bumped service, so i mentioned 35000 instagram followers only for $12, but now it is not worthy for me, so i told him i can give 15000 followers, but he is not accepting and saying that he will leave a bad feedback about this service, even i told him if u want cancel the order, but he is not accepting, What shall i do now, i does n't want to get a bad feedback, so some one help me pls.........!


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Maybe SEOCLerks support can help to solve your problem.
Try sending an email to
Let us know whether they helped or not.
I am already subscribed to your post.
Keep us updated please.

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If your order has not crossed 24 hours, you can reject the order without getting any negative effect on your profile. But if 24 hours past, convince the buyer or contact the support team.

Kind regards,

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Thanks for the question.
if buyer will not accept your deal then you have to cancel the order nothing more.why did you deliver the order?
you can not deliver order .you can send muatul cancel request,


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Its seems you are trying to get customer by false promises which u cant not do .. U are trying to attract people with services which u can not provide.. If that is the case this is wrong way to deal in Seoclerks. But if it is done  by mistake you can talk to client and settle up. 

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