Went back to level two?

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Went back to level two?

Can anyone tell me what happened? I was level 3 yesterday and today I checked my stats and it shows that I'm level 2, I checked them on user levels page as well and I saw that the amount of questions and answers was 45 instead of 50. Can you help me please?


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Hi aleqyanhovik,

It sounds like you have already answered your own question. You had 50 FAQ questions/answers and now you have 45, the requirement is 50 which you no longer meet.

If your total of questions/answers is lower it means some have been deleted, if you want to know specifically why you can contact the helpdesk. Keep in mind that even legitimate answers may be deleted if a question is deleted for it's own reason.


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Hello friend,
If your answer is not related by question your answer will be delete and also If anyone report your answer in this reason your answer can be delete. you should make answer related by question answer can make net and clean.
I hope get the answer you have get the answer.

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Sometimes answers are deleted. This can be for many reasons, including:

  • You have simply repeated a previous answer.
  • Answer is unrelated.

Among other reasons. This happened to me whilst working my way through the levels so always make 5-10 extra answers and you'll be okay. Went back to level two?

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thanks for ask this question so get more people solution about this question

hi friend first you check you your profile in this above you can any infraction see for any reason from T&C so your level is decrease where all detail available for your level decrease and when this infraction remove and you get back level 3

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