How diffrentiate in VPS Server and Dedicated Server?

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How diffrentiate in VPS Server and Dedicated Server?

Hello, I just want to purchase dedicated server, for this i am searching prices for dedicated server. some companies offer me $500 and some offers me $60 for same configurations, now i am surprised about this. I think is they provide me VPS instead of Dedicated Server perhaps i searched for Dedicated server.
Now if i purchase a dedicated server, then how i differentiate that it is dedicated server not an any virtual server.


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Well a VPS is a single machine split into several "virtual" servers and has become a popular choice for hosting. While the machine may not have it's own dedicated hardware that you own or lease exclusively to you, it is more secure and far less restricted as found in a shared hosting environment (multiple websites all sharing the same server and/or server machines) that of a shared host servers. Currently Dedicated Servers are very powerful as to outperform fully dedicated hardware from just a few years ago.

VPS is an excellent option as it can "scale" which means as you need more resources you can simply upgrade over time and structure your costs more efficiently.

If you need something very powerful and full access to everything including your very own hardware for security than I would say jump straight into a Dedicated server which will cost a bit more but may be worth having more "Root Access" options easily accessible.

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