how to sell the plugin wordpress ?

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how to sell the plugin wordpress ?

hello all. i see some selling plugin through in seoclerks . and it does not get much attention . now i want to sell a seo plugin for wordpress. but i am not the owner . so what do i need to be able to sell it easy . and what is needed to prove that i have the right to resell


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Post a WTT (Want To Trade) Gig, Describe about your Item and you may find your Reseller/ Buyer who ae interested on your Plugin.

You can also use official "Feature Gig" service to Feature your Gig and get more Sales!

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If you want to sell a Wordpress plugin, you need to either source someone to build it for you or have resell rights to do so as such with white label software. WP plugins usually require some knowledge of php programming, html and css scripting, and graphic design skills. You should also make sure that you get everything copyrighted or trademarked before making the product available if building or having the work outsourced first.

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If you are not authorized to sell it then you probably will not want to sell it. Or the implications do not look very good.
You may certainly buy the resell rights from the rightful owner.

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