How many domain should i own?

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How many domain should i own?

I would like to start several blogs for niche subjects but am not sure the niches will be popular. Should i buy separate domain names for each blog or put all my ideas onto one generalized blog and save money on domain names. In other words, is it worth the money to buy more than one domain name?


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I suggest you to start with blogspot or wordpress subdomain to improve your article writing skills. When you think you are ready for a website buy a domain and start writing. I don't reccomand to start with a domain.

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Hi shannonc,

There really isn't a definitive answer to your question as it's really up to you and what you prefer. Domains are only around $10 a year which is very little so I would say a decision like that should not be based on saving money and instead be based on if you're going to be able to keep up with multiple blogs. Will you be able to write enough for multiple? Will you be able to keep multiple updated? Will you be able to market/advertise multiple? The more blogs the more work overall but at the same time having more blogs that are all successfull is definitely a great thing.


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Before buying domains, first think that do you really need that. Are you sure that it is useful for you. Are you sure it is not just waste of money.
Just ask these questions from yourself and you will get that should you buy it or not.
One of my friend has about 17 domains but he only use 3 of them. Adding unnecessarily is just wastr of money.

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You can buy as many domain name as you wish. There is no restriction.
Make a big website and try to put same category things at a single place.
Managing many blogs is very painful.

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It really depends on what are you trying to do , if you are trying to go for small niches then you can order as many domains as possible and building up your empire .

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I depends on you really. You can buy many as you want. The problem is how can you handle all of your domains. Sample you buy 2 domains and you only use all of those at 1 site. like then 2 domains but 1 site only.

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In my view, the bottom line is if you use the domains well, the worth will far outweigh the cost. We've gone through 8 or 900 domains over the last 21 years and when we really used them it was well worth the cost by far. Like we fried our first counter when it hit around 250 million hits. 

You could use a different domain for each blog and cross link them in many different ways. Even if you developed them first on blogspot or wordpress subdomains, you can always use good relative keyword domains to point to them for a wide array of marketing/branding/seo purposes. The big trend now in domaining is people are buying domains to point to specific long url pages on the big social media sites to be able to more easily market them. All the best!

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I think you should own the domains which you can afford. Some people can afford 2 to 5. And then they flip if possible. I have seen this number is more than enough in such case. I guess we have to consider what we can own. Not all the time we can own some domains and not make money from them. Some domain extension can be costly there.

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Having all niches crammed into one website is not a good idea. Each website should have a distinct niche. For example, if you are thinking about travel blog, health blog, recipe blog, never have these ideas crammed in one single blog. people looking for travel tips will never check recipe blogs, likewise, people interested in reading health articles will not read travel articles.
If you have different niches, get a different websites for each niche. However, managing too many websites can be a reall headache. Therefore, first of all focus on one niche, when the website excels, add more websites.

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