Are 100% EMD Domains Dead/Unworthy?

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Are 100% EMD Domains Dead/Unworthy?

Hi all following all the Google updates. Particularly the separate Penguin updates and lately finally the Hummingbird algo update. Have 100% EMD's been hit and are they considered not worth doing now or do you still have faith in and use 100% EMD's?

I think we've all seen some webmasters saying they were hit. Especially a lot of EMD sites have been de-ranked. Even some that aren't 100% EMD have been. Where as sites that aren't even 100% keyword friendly in the domain and the title are ranking higher.

Sometimes you can't help but make an EMD domain if you want people to know what your site is about from the domain name alone. Has Google punished sites for that?

I know people are still launching them because I get daily alerts of new domain names and despite the updates, the trend doesn't seem to have died that much. Or has it?



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I do not think it matters much nowadays whether you have EMD or not. It is all about high quality contents and good backlinks.

Having an EMD is not a requirement.

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