Most SEO friendly ecommerce software?

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Most SEO friendly ecommerce software?

am looking for a SEO friendly ecommerce platform.I mean I need a store software for my new venture. I want both deals and products to be featured something like Snapdeal.. I dont have technical expertise to do that.Also I do not want to spend extra money on SEO activity. I need my website to be listed in google initial results SOON. Can somebody help me with that.

One more thing ----- NO FREELANCERS PLEASE. I want some reliable company with good clienele



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I haven't used every ecommerce software out there so I can't compare but I have used prestashop with pretty good results. It's free and easy to use and have a huge community and forum and plugins and modules if you want to ask for support and expand it's features.

hope it helps

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I would have to say Intellewise ecommerce software is the most SEO friendy ecommerce software, designed specifically to cater the needs of business planning to sell online. Intellewise Ecommerce Software helps bring more visitors to your website and save 60% of advertisement cost. 
With Intellewise Ecommerce Software, you get multitude of SEO functionalities with which you can manage SEO for every minute detail of your ecommerce store. Intellewise comes with SEO functionalities such as Google Analytics Ecommerce, XML Sitemap, SEO Customized Product Detail Pages and SEO Customized Product Category Pages. 

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