What are the ranking factors for Penguin 2.1?

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What are the ranking factors for Penguin 2.1?

What did the recent update, Penguin 2.1, do or change in the ranking factors? Is there some type of backlink that I should not be building now that 2.1 is out?

How does Google Penguin 2.1 relate to hummingbird? I've already removed a lot of my links but it looks like I'm still losing rank for one of my sites. I'm unsure how to bring it back up now that I've been slapped by Google again.


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Penguin 2.1 seems like another seasonal update by Google. It is a way for Google to punish the users that are violating their link policies so it is more like a punitive action on the more recent updates (an enhancement). 

There isn't a lot of data on what this update is targeting yet but some claim it is penalizing the manual sites that we use to build backlinks such as Web 2.0s, Press Releases, Wikis, forums, etc. This is based on the link profile for sites who claim they have been hit by Penguin 2.1. No one knows for sure at this point. 

It is also a theory that stale links are no good. Backlinks are only valid from pages that actually get traffic. If you create a blackhat page that never gets visitors, and never gets clicks, then that backlink is considered stale and invalid. 

The key is don't do what everyone else is doing if you are doing blackhat SEO. Be unique, don't do what the masses are doing because these methods will be found and penalized, your site will lose rank. Matt Cutts even stated that he reads blackhat forums to "figure out what to target next". 

Hummingbird is unrelated to this update but is about "things not strings". Hummingbird now knows what every page/site is about and can recommend better searches based on your topic. 


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hello robertman
thank you for that answer ;) i was already looking for a treat like this, so thanks for an great answer. i am looking forward to see what that penguin update 2.1 will give us website owners in the future What are the ranking factors for Penguin 2.1?

Kind regards Amalie


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It's a seasonal punishment process by the Google for those websites that already violated their terms of policy. It can be also define as the punishment for violating Google back-link policies. 

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