Is it worth the investment to ceate my own blog network?

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Is it worth the investment to ceate my own blog network?

Does anybody have any real world stories of private blog networks and any success they have had setting one up, owning one, running it and ranking with it? I've got server space and bandwidth, but I don't know if I want to make the financial investment initially and on a monthly basis. Thank you for the advice in advance.


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It depends on what your blogs are about.
If they are interesting to more people other than just yourself then you will have pretty good success.

Make sure the blog is about something that grabs other people attention, something that makes them want to read more into it.
Also you have to understand as much as it's for the publics enjoyment, it also has to be for your entertainment as well.
Pick a topic you enjoy and you think others will enjoy.
Good luck!

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One reason I create blog websites is because google loves it. It gives it high ranking less than a week and index it much better than a regular website.  Specially wordpress blogs. Make sure you update it regularly though.

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Hope that helps.  

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What I can suggest is to do a case study about this. You really need to assure your self if what your going to do will generate income. Risk of spending is always there in a business. What makes a business work, is you need to identify the path your about to take. Gather enough Knowledge, Skills and Attitude so that your capable of dealing all sorts of situation, good or bad, you should be prepared. Timing is also critical in this business your trying to pursue.

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People do create private blog networks despite the SEO penalties. And they seem to have some of their own issues. But the thing is that even in 2017 the private blog networks do work. Just make sure that you are not using the same client information across them. Also you're not doing the cross linking among them. But they are being used for the client promotion of the posts. So this does work in that context.

I think people who do take the links from the PBN have no issues even to date. It's just that the ranking does not effectively work quickly these days. And on that point I think people should be careful how they handle the links and avoid spam on PBN.

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Sure,people are cashing out big time from running personal blogs.Anything about blogs solely depends on the person running it.Remember that content is king and to succeed your content must be at least valuable, worth the time and of good use.Make it a very interesting one that holds people interest for a long time.

Don't make it a one-off thing whereby you set up and boom you're gone.Consistently update it,spice it up and blog with passion.

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I don't know the exact answer. However, I have a private blog network in various niches such as mental health, travel, and wellbeing. I also have a network of online stores on lingerie and maternity wears. I use adsense and other affiliate ads on my blogs. However, I am not earning well, therefore, I cannot say any favorable thing.

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