Does social signal help in TOP ranking?

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Does social signal help in TOP ranking?

Once again a question about SEO. Just want to know that do the social signals help in top ranking. Means the G+ votes, FB likes, Tweets. Do these things have any value in the eye of Google? I have seen many people do social media optimization for a high price.

I know that social link popularity is one thing that matters in SEO and good ranking. Please share your expertise here so that the beginners can learn something from us.


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Google +1 Surely boost SERP & It has slight effect in SEO too!
You Can read the description in this this Gig to learn more about Advantages & Importance of Google +1:
(Gig Link for Tutorial from Description Only! Not Intended for Selling/Promoting)

Now about FB & Twitter, it won't matter to Google. In their case, it their own priority system.
Like, if you search any FB Page in Google, Highest Likes count Page URL will appear first. Here, FB sets their own priority, and pass the result to Google!

If you are searching to increase SERP, Only Google +1 will do that!

--Hope it Helps!

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The answer is tricky social media works for SEO. Social media work to calm traffic it means social media promote your link and get traffic to your website but social media can’t help you to Google rank your website.
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So strange my answer disappeared from here... and so strange that the promotion of a service still remain, when in my message I was giving my opinion not too much positive about social rankings.... I think this is a fake question just for promote a service.

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If I am not wrong, having a lot of backlinks from social networking sites can help you immensely.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Stumbleupon etc are very powerful SEO tools.

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Well,I don't think it the likes, tweets or. comments that can help rank one site on social media,I think it the traffic from social media.

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Yes Social Signal will help you in ranking but social signal should be from Facebook, twitter or Google plus, any other social signal from any other websites may or may not help you in top ranking. 

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social signals do not guarantee a top spot on search engines, however, if you have a good number of social signals, it is very likely that your SEPR will increase. Having 20K facebook likes for your website will not make your website #1 on Google, in order to be #1 on google, your content also needs to be unique and original, use long tail search term as the title and have at least 5 percent keywords on your conntent.

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I have read in several discussions that social signals can help in getting a higher ranking in search engines. Social signals are also considered backlinks by search engines although maybe not in the same level. Nevertheless, things that we post in social media networks about the site will get to be noticed by search engines. However, there is no guarantee in getting to the top of the search list with SEO work.

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