What do scientists make of SEO "experts"?

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What do scientists make of SEO "experts"?

As someone with a light interest in Scepticism, I come across the occasional homeopathy or anti-vaccine article, which is often absent scientific evidence or facts. I can't help but feel a lot of these SEO articles are similar - lots of assertions, but no scientific evidence to back up what is being stated. I think this is important, considering that SEO touches on several areas of maths, science and technology - algorithms, computer science, statistics, information science etc


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Some times I think also SEO should need to include on school-college-university courses so the peoples can get huge sense and study before starting their freelancing life. Now a day- On Bangladesh- After completing the graduation every body first think about freelancing and outsourcing. Every body wants to become a successful freelancer.

So think right and to follow the rules right- these both can make you a perfect scientist.


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When it comes to the issue of no proof presented, you can check the herbal supplements in our country. Most of the packs have a claim that it can cure or prevent such and such diseases. But at the bottom of the pack there is a note that is required by the government’s Food and Drug agency that says “No Approved Therapeutic Claims.” But in spite of that disclaimer people are still buying. With SEO, I guess it is easy to test if you have a website so the skepticism can be disputed.

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