How often can I change my status?

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How often can I change my status?

Is there any limit on how many times I can change my status?

Will my account get any type of changes after my new status?
Could I get more sales by changing my status?

Please answer me. I will be thankful for every answer


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Hello thelinker,
You can change your status how many times you want. However, if your status includes links I would recommend to change your status only once or twice per week. As this could potentially be marked as spam, and if that happens, you'll probably get an infraction.

With that being said, as you can see on the screenshot below there is an option to email your status to your followers.?

How often can I change my status?

This is exactly what it sounds like. Your SEOClerks followers will receive an email from SEOClerks with information about your new status. By having hundreds of followers this can be a fantastic way to gain easy and free exposure. About to offer discounts? Launching a new service? Having a 2 for 1 sale? It's entirely up to you!

Best Regards,

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I think there no limit to any status update. You can update or write as much status as you want. It is your page status gives an impresion to the buyer and seller sao choose wisely while you write your status.

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Hi thelinker,
I think there are no limit to set your updated status in seoclerks. Your update will never change your default profile except your status. Your followers will get information about your service through statuses. That might be useful for both you and your buyers and that might increase your sales.

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there is no limit to update your status . you can update your status so many give buyer to your information easily , you give buyer new service idea and info. and improve your sell.

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