What is a link pyramid?

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What is a link pyramid?

I have found a new seo technique called link pyramid. But actually don't understand how it works. How to build a successful and seo friendly link pyramid? Does it really work to get top ranking?Is it white hat and ethical seo practice? Some seoclerks sellers are offering this type of link pyramids with different aspects so I want to know more about it. Any type of knowledge about link pyramid will be appriciated.


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Hi Barun,
A Link Pyramid is simply, a network of links generated for a site URL or other online property in an arranged manner to boost traffic on the site, or online property as the case may be.
Just like the shape of the pyramid, flat at the bottom, you create a set of private network links commonly known as 1st-tier and then you build links toward those links in the 1st-tier to give you the 2nd-tier and on and on like that. So, you have the links at the base pointing directly to your website, the 2nd tier links pointing to the 1st-tier links (and indirectly pointing to your site) and so on.
Take note,however that the links must be quality and niche-targeted for Google to recognize the site as an authority and consider it as more important than others.  
To build a successful Link Pyramid, there are various link sources you can use; some of them are ; Web 2.0s just like mini-blogs, Directory submissions, Question and Answer sites, Articles directories, RSS submissions, Press Release Distribution, Social Bookmarking, Facebook fan pages and many more others.
To avoid penalties however,you have to professionally build the links, knowing which set of link sources should come at a certain level of the Link Pyramid,so you can generate high SERP rise effectively. 

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