listing rejection: Reason: Background image removal spam

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listing rejection: Reason: Background image removal spam

sir how i fix my problem plz guide my srevices rejected by seo clercks every time 


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Please do not use google images or images already used in seoclerk. Please use sites like canva to make service images

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Create your own original images and make they are sized within the guidelines given

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Please do not use images already used in Seoclerk. do not use a word which is related to disallowed services

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If your listing was rejected on Pixel Clerks with the reason "Background image removal spam," you should address the issue and resubmit your listing. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to handle this:

Understand the Issue:
The rejection reason indicates that your listing might have been flagged as spam, possibly due to the nature of the service or how it was presented.

Review Pixel Clerks' Guidelines:
Go through the guidelines and terms of service of Pixel Clerks to ensure your listing complies with their policies. Look for any specific rules regarding background image removal services.

Edit Your Listing:
Make necessary adjustments to your listing. Here are some tips:

Avoid Spammy Language: Ensure your listing description is clear, professional, and free from repetitive or overly promotional language.
Provide Detailed Information: Clearly describe the service you are offering, including the process, quality, and any unique aspects that differentiate your service from others.
Use Original Content: Make sure your listing content is original and not copied from other sources.
Highlight Professionalism: Emphasize your expertise and the quality of your work without making unrealistic promises.
Resubmit Your Listing:
Once you've made the necessary changes, resubmit your listing for review.

Contact Support (if necessary):
If you're unsure why your listing was rejected or if you need further clarification, consider contacting Pixel Clerks' support team. Explain your situation and ask for specific feedback on what needs to be improved.

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