How to Drive Traffic To your Seoclerks services and Make More Sales

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How to Drive Traffic To your Seoclerks services and Make More Sales

Ever since paypal disengage seoclerks from its platform, sales has dropped drastically and sellers no longer make good money as before again. 
No doubt about this.

I am among those sellers affected and i am sure you are too.

But no worries, i will list out various ways you can drive traffic visitors to your gigs and probably boost your sales up.

So, without further ado, lets check them out. 


There are tons of Facebook groups that are created specifically for Freelance sellers to promote their gigs. Hence, you’re able to place your gigs in front of thousands of targeted eyeballs.
To find them, simply type related keywords such as “seoclerks”, “gigs” or "services" and join the related groups. 
They typically accept members within 24 hours.


The way that you can promote your gigs in forums for free is by using the signature links placement. 
The signature link is usually in form of a line of text and located at the bottom of a post as shown below;. 

How to Drive Traffic To your Seoclerks services and Make More Sales

Above is a perfect example of a signature link in a blackhatworld forum site.

For you to be recognized, be active!  Answer questions and make valuable contributions. That is the best advice I can give you.  
This will make people notice you and help you drive traffic to your profile.
This will takes time and effort, so you have to be patient


You can set up a blog, create high quality articles around topics that are related to your seoclerks services and recommend your gigs alongside it in your article. Its as simple as that. 
After which you promote your website via social media and SEO optimization strategies to boost its search rankings and organic traffic. 
With time, you will hopefully get eyes to your seolcerks gigs from your blog articles. 
Creating one will surely cost you some dollars but See this as an investment. 


This is called "Blog Commenting"
Search for relevant niche websites that have a blog and post articles that are relevant to what you are selling on seoclerks. 
Most blogs allow you to include a link with your post and if the situation allows it, you could even mention in your comment that
you provide a relevant service on __________. but be very careful about it because most comment sections are now heavily  due to spam.


YouTube is quite underestimated, believe it or not. We all know that YouTube is great for increasing traffic. 
There's literally tons of people using YouTube to drive traffic to their blogs, websites, services, offers, gigs etc. . So why can you?
And guess what? 
There are now AI tools you can use to create videos if you done wish to show your face, be it skilled and unskilled.
Just create videos advertising your services or gigs and upload such videos on YouTube and enter your seoclerks service or gig link within the description on YouTube.
Also Share the video with your friends on Facebook or twitter. Use relevant hashtags.
Spread the word & traffic will come. Ask your friends for help. Tell them to like and share the video and the Facebook post. Or let them retweet and favorite the tweet on twitter.
With relevant hashtags and the "word-of-mouth" you'll get increased traffic without a doubt, even if it might not be targeted traffic to start with, it's definitely traffic you shouldn't stay away from. 


Much like how you can build a list by providing a .pdf or .txt within your deliveries. You can use that same trick to promote your website/portfolio every time you deliver an order. Include your logo, your colors, your website name and
include a clickable link so they can easily visit your site.
This is an extremely effective way of sending a link to your buyers without actually putting the link in your messages. 
Now you can easily scale things up, build lists and make extra sales.


I would have love to expatiate more on these tips i mentioned above but it will unnecessarily make this article very long. But i believe that with these few points, if you implement them very meticulously, you may begin getting buyers to your seoclerks gigs and make more money online. 
Please Note that these processes takes some bit of time, so you have to be consistent and exercise patience if you wish to achieve positive results.

If you have any questions, suggestions or anything to say all, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

Thanks and bye for now


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Yes, using socials to advertise your services is always a great idea. Along with utilzing boosts effectively it can greatly improve exposure and sales in the long run.

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