Getting a first project

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Getting a first project

I am seo export and also web developer(front end React.js) so please tell me how to get first project?
and give me your tips and user experiance as seoclerk user


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If you want the honest answer, the problem is that every seller claims to be an SEO "expert" or "Specialist", when very few actually know what they are doing, and then they struggle to get work because the competition among the so-called "experts" is HUGE.

Instead, you should forget SEO services and focus on something with LESS competition, such as your front end skills, and you can then still sell other services as extras or add-ons.

Once you have your service listings created then promote them on SC using boosts and off SC using social media promotions. Do as much cross promoting as you can!

Good luck!

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Boost your services regularlly and update on its daily basis

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