I think they block my services here?

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I think they block my services here?

Since 2 weeks already i have NO 1 ORDERS!!!! Before i had 3-5/per day!
So i think they block my account or they do something to me! WHY I THINK LIKE THIS? I was not level 3 and get so much orders and satisfied clients and now..? I THINK they just wqnt to make me feel TO I BUY to be on the FIRST PAGES service BUT I WILL NOT! I am so sad because form 4 seo sites i have my services on never happens there BUT HERE....
OK never mind JUST CURIOUSe if someone have the same problem.


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You can read about bumping here:

As for the main issue here, that's definitely not the case. There is no functionality within SEOClerks that can do that specifically. This would only be the case if you were banned(Services are deleted when you're banned).

If you use Social Bump as I linked above you can bump all of your Services every single day. It has done great for my sales.

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No problem here, try bumping services or making new services that may attract people. Could be that your gig has gone a few pages down and may need to be bumped to be seen.

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